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Section Arrow Monthly Funds Savings Plan
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"Monthly Funds Savings Plan" is a flexible and convenient investment tool that provides the advantage of "Dollar Cost Averaging". In this way, you don't have to worry about short term volatility in the markets. Instead, you can benefit from the growth potential of the funds in the long run. The earlier you start your savings plan, the sooner you can achieve your financial goals.

BulletLow contribution amount
BulletHigher potential returns generated by Dollar Cost Averaging
BulletExtensive fund choices
BulletConvenient online services
BulletHassle-free payment methods
BulletHighlights of the Monthly Funds Savings Plan
BulletTerms and conditions
BulletRisk Disclosure Statement
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Grey Line Red Arrow Low contribution amount

With a monthly contribution as low as HKD1,000, you can start your investment plan with ease.

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Grey Line Red Arrow Higher potential returns generated by Dollar Cost Averaging

With the strategy of "Dollar Cost Averaging", your monthly contribution will buy more units when the price goes down and fewer units when the price goes up. This may result in a lower average cost per unit over a long investment period, and free you from the impact of short-term market fluctuations.

Example (The figures are for illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of actual performance):
Fund Price
NetContribution Amount
Units Bought
January 10.20 1,000 98.04
February 9.60 1,000 104.17
March 9.80 1,000 102.04
April 10.10 1,000 99.01
  Total 4,000 403.26

Average cost per unit (HKD) =Net Contribution Amount ÷ Units Bought
  =4,000 ÷ 403.26
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Grey Line Red Arrow Extensive fund choices
A wide selection of funds, covering different markets, risk levels and investment tools (including equities, bonds and money markets), are available to meet your investment needs and targets.
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Grey Line Red Arrow Convenient online services
For your convenience, you can apply to set up or amend your Monthly Funds Savings Plan via our Internet Banking anytime, anywhere!
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Grey Line Red Arrow Hassle-free payment methods
Monthly contributions can be processed via direct debit from your securities settlement account or on a BOC credit card. If your contribution is settled by a BOC credit card, you can earn credit card bonus points from the transaction as well.
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Grey Line Red Arrow Highlights of the Monthly Funds Savings Plan
Minimum monthly contribution HKD1,000 (or equivalent) per fund
Minimum subscription period No limitation*
Handling charge for termination Free of charge*
Date of direct debit 20th of each month
*If the Monthly Funds Savings Plan is terminated within the first 12 months, a handling fee (based on 2% of the total investment amount) may apply.

For details of fees and charges, please refer to the Explanatory Memorandum.
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Grey Line Red Arrow Terms and conditions
  • Application for any addition to, amendment or termination of the Monthly Funds Savings Plan (the “Plan”) must be made at least three business days (“Business Day) at any branch or via online banking of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) in advance of the designated date of contribution.
  • The date of contribution and subscription under the Plan is scheduled for the 20th of each month (the “Contribution Day”). If however it falls on a Saturday or a public holiday in Hong Kong, the relevant subscription and transaction will be made on the next Business Day.
  • Monthly contributions can be made via customers’ settlement account of the securities account maintained at the Bank (“the Settlement Account”) or on a BOC credit card. If settled via the Settlement Account, the monthly contribution will be debited on the designated Contribution Day, and customers are required to maintain sufficient funds in the Settlement Account to cover the amount. If settling payment on a BOC credit card, the monthly contribution will be debited two Business Days in advance of the designated Contribution Day or any other time specified by the Bank. The customer must ensure that the available credit limit is sufficient to cover the contribution amount.
  • The minimum monthly contribution via the Settlement Account is HKD1,000 (or equivalent), while the monthly contribution via a BOC Credit Card must be between HKD1,000 and HKD20,000.
  • In the event that three consecutive unsuccessful contributions have been recorded, the Bank may terminate the Plan immediately.
  • The Bank reserves the right to amend and/or withhold the above terms and conditions at its discretion.
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Grey Line Red Arrow Risk Disclosure Statement

Certain mutual funds and unit trusts (“Investment Funds”) are structured products involving derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in any Investment Fund unless the intermediary who sells such Investment Fund to you has explained to you that such Investment Fund is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

Investment in Investment Funds involves significant risks. It is impossible to describe every risk associated with such an investment that is relevant to you. Before making your investment decision, you should carefully read the offering documents of the relevant Investment Fund including, in particular, the sections about risks and ensure you fully understand the nature and all the risks associated with an investment in the relevant Investment Fund and are willing to assume such risks. You should carefully consider whether the relevant Investment Fund is suitable for you in light of your own relevant circumstances. If in doubt, you should obtain independent professional advice.

There is no assurance that an Investment Fund will achieve its investment objective(s). The value of Investment Funds may go up as well as down and the Investment Funds may become valueless. Therefore, you may not receive any return from your investment in Investment Funds. Past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance.

Investment in Investment Funds is different to placing moneys on deposit with us or anywhere else. The Investment Funds are not our or any of our affiliates’ deposit or other obligations, nor are they guaranteed by us or any of our affiliates.

By investing in an Investment Fund, you are relying on the creditworthiness and taking the credit risks of the Investment Fund, the fund manager, the fund trustee, the fund custodian and / or the issuer of the asset(s) to which the Investment Fund is linked.

Certain Investment Funds may use derivative instruments to meet their investment objectives, which may lead to higher volatility to their net asset values or expose the Investment Funds to losses greater than the costs of the derivatives.

Returns are denominated in the currency of the relevant Investment Fund. If your home currency is different from the Investment Fund currency or the Investment Fund’s reference currency, changes in currency exchange rates may erode your investment gains or widen your investment losses.

Certain Investment Funds may invest in emerging markets which may lack the social, political or economic stability and are subject to less government supervision, legal regulation and less well defined tax laws and procedures than in countries with more advanced securities markets. Exposure to these markets may entail more volatility than investments in more established markets. You should read the relevant offering documents, in particular, any risks factors relating to investment in emerging markets.

Certain Investment Funds may take short positions and you should note that short selling may involve borrowing to invest and therefore the investment risk is relatively higher than traditional long only Investment Funds.

Certain Investment Funds may invest in equities. Prices of equities fluctuate daily and can be influenced by many factors, such as political and economic news, corporate earnings reports, demographic trends and catastrophic events. An Investment Fund that invests in equity derivatives on international equity indices will be exposed to substantially larger fluctuations in its net asset value than in the case of a direct investment in international equities.

Certain Investment Funds may invest in higher yielding securities rated lower than investment grade (i.e. debt securities rated below BBB- by Standard & Poor's or below Baa3 by Moody's). Below investment grade securities may be considered speculative and can include securities that are unrated or in default. As a result, investment in those Investment Funds is subject to a higher degree of credit risk than investment in higher rated, lower yielding securities.

Prior to investing in any Investment Fund, you should carefully consider (a) the possible tax consequences, (b) the legal requirements and (c) any foreign exchange control requirements which you might encounter under the laws of the countries of your incorporation, citizenship, residence or domicile which might be relevant to the purchase, sale, subscription, holding, conversion or disposal of the shares or units in Investment Funds.

Capital guaranteed / capital preserved Investment Funds are capital guaranteed / preserved only upon redemption at maturity. Therefore, redemptions before the relevant maturity date may take place at prices that are different or substantially different from the capital guaranteed / preserved value. Capital guaranteed / capital preserved Investment Funds are not guaranteed by us or any of our affiliates.

Certain Investment Funds are not capital guaranteed / capital preserved. None of the Investment Fund, its manager, its trustee or any other relevant party is under any obligation to redeem the Investment Fund’s shares or units at the price at which they were issued to or paid by you and you may lose all or a substantial part of your investment.

Information and contents relating to each Investment Fund are compiled and issued by or on behalf of the relevant Investment Fund and / or its manager. Certain such information and contents are exempted from pre-vetting, and therefore have not been reviewed, by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Investors should note the risks of concentration of investment in a single country or market.

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