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BOC Dual Currency Card
For the "BOC Credit Card Key Facts Statement", please click here.
"Pay as You Go" - BOC Dual Currency Card takes you voyage on a trip around Greater Bay Area with benefits of up to 4% Cash Rebate.
Card Types for BOC Dual Currency Card include,
red square BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card
red square BOC Dual Currency Platinum Card
BOC Dual Currency Card Annual Fee Offer

Perpetual annual fee waiver for both main and additional cards

Up to 4% Cash Rebate for UnionPay QuickPass Transactions

With UnionPay QuickPass transactions, both BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card and BOC Dual Currency Platinum Card can bring you 4% Cash Rebate and 2% Cash Rebate accordingly. ˇ§Pay as You Goˇ¨, for you to earn cash rebate relaxingly.

ˇ§BOC Dual Currency Card UnionPay Mobile QuickPass Transaction 4%/2% Cash Rebate ˇ¨ Offer Terms and Conditions

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subtitle arrow BOC Dual Currency Card Completes with Contactless Payment Function for the mainland Public Transport Systems Stands You in Good Stead in Getting around the Greater Bay Area Stress free#
Ride the Guangzhou Metro simply by a
Single Swipe
Pick-up Hailing Service by
ˇ§DiDiˇ¨ App
Pay for High Speed Train tickets by

#Prior to tapping the card for the first time to take the Guangzhou Metro, cardholders are required to execute a chip function transaction with the card at a merchant location. Guangzhou Metro accepts both credit card and Apple Pay for payment while both ˇ§DiDiˇ¨ App andˇuÄâµ{®Č¦ćˇvApp accept Apple Pay.
Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in US and other countries.
0% Handling Fee for Overseas Spending

You can enjoy 0% handling fee offer for overseas spending for even greater shopping pleasure.

Fabulous Reward Gift Points Redemption at Starbucks in the mainland

During the promotion period, simply making Reward Gift Points Redemption at Starbucks in the mainland by your BOC Dual Currency Credit Card with 10,000 Reward Gift Points,

red square To redeem 1 Grande sized handcrafted beverage everyday
red square To redeem 2 Grande sized handcrafted beverage on Saturday or Sunday

Please visit http://www.bochk.com/creditcard/eng/spec/prom16508/index.html for details

Airport Limousine Transfer in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Cross border to Shenzhen Airport(Applicable for BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card)

Enjoy the following unparalleled privileges at the exclusive rate of HK$250 per trip by using BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card:

Single way local transfer service to / from Hong Kong International Airport; an offer for local transfer service in Shanghai city areas to / from Hongqiao or Pudong Airport, local transfer service in Beijing city areas to / from Beijing Capital International Airport, or cross border transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen airport
Private chauffeur and luggage handling service
Meet and greet service
Highway, bridge, tunnel toll and parking fee
 Airport Limousine Transfer Service Remark:
1. During the offer period, cardholders are required to settle payment with Eligible Cards and accumulate retail spending of $2,000 or above with no more than two single transactions in eligible retail spending (ˇ§Eligible Transactionsˇ¨) within 30 days (HKD, MOP & CNY spending will be combined for Eligible Transaction amount calculation, every CNY1 or MOP1 spent will be calculated as HKD1) prior to reservation during the Promotion Period, Cardholders are eligible for the Service once for every $2,000 of Eligible Transaction(s). Reservation must be made at least 5 working days in advance. The Service Provider will only accept reservation up to 60 days in advance. Cardholders must provide proof of Eligible Transactions at the time of the service reservation for the Promotion. No reservation shall be processed without proof of Eligible Transaction.
2. For details, please refer to
Free access to Hong Kong International Airport and Macau International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge (Applicable for BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card)

Enjoy maximum 3 times free access to Hong Kong International Airport and Macau International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge by using BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card.

1. Maxinum 1 time per day.
2. Special rate of HK$350/MOP350 per time for BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card Additional Cardholder and accompanying guests.
3. Cardholders will be required to make the advance reservation through the dedicated booking website. The advance reservation shall be at least 1 day in advance, up to 30 days before departure date, and is subject to availability. Cardholders shall present Reservation Reference Number, the BOC Dual Currency Diamond Card and the same-day boarding pass(es) in order to enjoy access to the Plaza Premium Lounge. (For details and advance reservation please visit the website : www.unionpaypremium.com.hk/loungebooking)
Contactless Payment Function

BOC Dual Currency Card with the UnionPay QuickPass contactless payment function provides you with hassle-free card spending worldwide where UnionPay QuickPass is accepted. Simply tap the card against the reader to settle any transaction of HK$/RMB˘D1,000 or below without the need of signature verification. For details, please visit www.unionpayintl.com/hk.

Exclusive Personal Concierge Service for Dual Currency Card

Personal Concierge Service is now ready to serve BOC Dual Currency Card Cardholders, for details, please visit the website: https://www.unionpaypremium.com.hk/zh/personal-concierge-privileges

Experience exclusive offer at Greater Bay Area merchant outlets

BOC Dual Currency Card is delighted to present you with an array of exquisite privileges, reserving exclusively for you finest dining, shopping and leisure offers in Greater Bay Area merchant outlets, please visit http://zhyga.mulang.net/ for more promotional details.

Dual Currency in one card for greater flexibility

BOC Dual Currency Card consists of both Renminbi (RMB) and Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) credit card accounts. Transactions conducted in the mainland will be settled in RMB while those transactions conducted in Hong Kong and overseas will be settled in HKD, enabling you to save currency conversion cost and enjoy greater convenience. The relevant transactions will be shown in the consolidated account statement.

Pre-set RMB credit limit service for greater security

You can pre-set the monthly credit limit of RMB account for both the main card or/and the additional card*

*Application form is available for download at www.bochk.com/creditcard

Wide Acceptance Across the Globe by Over 45 Million Merchants

BOC Dual Currency Card are widely accepted by over 45 million merchant outlets in 162 countries and regions, including large-scale department stores, chain stores, hotels and fine dining restaurants. Hospitals, gasoline stations and supermarkets are also accepted in the mainland.

Global cash withdrawal service

With BOC Dual Currency Card, you can enjoy global cash withdrawal services* at more than 1.6 million ATMs marked with logo. Moreover, you can withdraw cash at branches of the corresponding banks (BOCHK Group or NCB) which is shown on the front of credit card for greater convenience. (You shall perform activation in advance through appropriate channels to enjoy ATM services outside Hong Kong for travel or business trip.)

* Global cash withdrawal service is subject to withdrawal restrictions imposed by the local banks of respective regions. RMB cash withdrawal services in Hong Kong are only available at the ATMs marked with "RMB available at this ATM" logo.

For details on cash advance service fees, please refer to the "BOC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card Fees Schedule".

Gift Point Program and BOC Credit Card Superior Travel Award

You can earn Gift Points1 upon spending with your card (in the ratio of RMB1 / HK$1 spending = 1 Gift Point), including retail spending, cash before card service, autopay or Octopus AAVS. Gift points can be accumulated and combined with those points generated by other BOC credit cards. With the accumulated gift points, you can redeem cash coupons or mileage points of Asia Miles, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines through the BOC Credit Card Superior Travel Awards.

1 The Gift Point Program is not applicable to those transactions in the merchant or service categories of "Cash Advance", "Balance Transfers", "Bank or Credit Card Service", "Credit Services", "Securities Brokers", "Inland Revenue Department", and under the bill type of "Policy Loan Repayment and not to those transactions in the mainland in the categories of real estate, automobiles, airline tickets, petroleum & gasoline, wholesale, purchases at supermarkets, medical treatments at hospitals or tutorial fees. Merchant or service categories are subject to change and may be defined from time to time by either BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (the "Company") or China UnionPay at its sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to change the above categories of transactions and merchants at any time without notice.
For the details of the Gift Point entitlement relating to Online Bill Payment Service, please click here.

Instant Rewards

Simply spend with your Card at designated merchants to enjoy by redeeming HK$1 instant cash discount with every 250 Gift Points. Moreover, Instant Rewards can also be used at over 3,000 designated merchant outlets, for a full list of these merchants, please visit www.bochk.com/creditcard .

For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of each of the above offers.
For details, please call 24-hour Elite Customer Services Hotline (852) 2928 2388

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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