BOCHK Challenge
Successfully Completed

BOCHK Challenge 2021-22 has come to its successful conclusion and the response was overwhelming.

12 groups of finalists competed for 7 awards and the winning teams were awarded HK$ 590,000 prizes in total.

The judge panel provides valuable advice and assistance to BOCHK Challenge 2021-22. A group photo of the judges, guests and teams at the closing ceremony.

Sweet Smile
BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Outstanding Achievement Award

Maldin Consulting
BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Gold Award for Innovative Design

BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Silver Award for Innovative Design

BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Bronze Award for Innovative Design

BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Greatest Prospect

BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Greatest Teamwork

Sweet Smile
BOCHK Challenge 2021-22
Greatest Tech Team


As technology changes, so too do the industries that use it.

To better adapt with the rapid advancement of technology and ever-changing market landscape, banks have been prompted to pursue high-quality development.

Led by a technology-driven strategy, Bank of China (Hong Kong) continued to promote digital transformation and fintech innovation in a customer-centric manner.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) has organized the competition to fully explore and unlock the potentials and talents of youngsters and create groundbreaking business models with innovative technological solutions.

The theme of the competition this year covered five of the most trending technologies in the market. Through applying these technologies into the financial industry, we strive to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.







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