I/We acknowledge and accept that the forms supplied by the Bank on this website for use in connection with bills or related transactions from time to time entered or to be entered into between me/us and the Bank (the "Transactions") are protected by copyright (the "e-forms") and the use thereof is subject to the following terms.

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Further, when I/we submit to the Bank any e-forms obtained from this website, I/we shall be deemed to have agreed the said terms:

  1. I/We have accepted and am/are bound by all the terms and conditions set out in any e-forms that I/we submit to the Bank.

  2. I/We confirm and warrant that I/we have not made any amendment, modification or variation to the terms of the e-forms or inserted any information other than those requested in the e-forms submitted by me/us to the Bank and I/we agree that the Bank shall not be liable or bound by any unauthorized addition, amendment, modification and/or variation to the terms of the e-forms.

  3. Except with the Bank's prior written approval, if there is any addition, amendment, modification or variation to the terms of the e-forms, other than the provision of information as requested, I/we confirm that such additions, amendments, modifications and variations shall be null and void.

  4. I/We agree that in addition to these terms, any other terms and conditions issued by the Bank that are applicable to the type of Transactions for which I/we have submitted an e-form shall be applicable in respect of such Transactions and I/we acknowledge that I/we shall observe and be bound by the same.

My/Our acknowledged agreement to the above terms shall constitute a legally binding agreement between me/us and the Bank. Such agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the "HKSAR") , and I/we agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the HKSAR courts

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