Communication with Shareholders

Shareholder Communication Policy

1 Policy Statement
This Shareholder Communication Policy (the "Policy") sets forth the commitment of BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited (the "Company") to maintain on-going and effective communication with its shareholders. The Company strongly believes that prospective and existing shareholders, both individual and institutional, should be fully informed about the latest development of the Company and should have access to key information reasonably required to make an informed investment decision and exercise their rights on a fair and timely basis.

This Policy will be reviewed by the Board of the Company on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness.
2 Communication Channels

Communication by electronic channel
The Company's website provides shareholders with access to important and relevant corporate information on an effective and timely basis. A dedicated "Investor Relations" section is available on the Company's website. The Company will publish all important announcements / information on its website Regular updates include, among others, the following information:

  • Financial performance of the Company in the form of annual and interim reports, quarterly financial and business reviews
  • Webcasts and presentations on the Company's results announcements
  • Announcements and press releases on the Company's latest development
  • Circulars to shareholders
  • Corporate calendar with dates of important events of the Company
  • Other information such as credit ratings, share and dividend information, awards received by the Company, etc

The Company's website also includes an email alert service to provide corporate updates on the Company's financial performance and latest development. Shareholders and other interested parties may register if they are interested to receive such updates by email.

Shareholders are also encouraged to visit the website of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited at for obtaining information on regulatory publications of the Company.

To support the protection of the environment, the Company highly encourages its shareholders to access corporate communications of the Company through these websites. The Company believes that this is also the most efficient and convenient means of communication with shareholders. Shareholders who have opted for electronic form of communication will receive notifications of the publication of the corporate communications on the Company's website.

  2.2 Communication by post
The Company will send by post the relevant materials to its shareholders whose names are listed on the register of members of the Company only when the shareholders request for it.

Shareholders can always change their current option of receipt of shareholder communications, including selection of language and means of receipt of communications, by notifying the Company's share registrar.
  2.3 Shareholder Meetings
The Company attaches a high degree of importance to continuous communication with shareholders, especially direct dialogue with them. The annual general meetings ("AGM") of the Company are the primary forum for communication between the Company and its shareholders and for shareholder participation. The Company's board members, in particular, either the chairmen of Board committees or their delegates, senior management and external auditors will attend the AGM to respond to questions and comments from shareholders. Shareholders are therefore encouraged to participate actively in the Company's AGM. Shareholders who are unable to attend the AGM are also encouraged to appoint proxies to attend and vote at the said meetings for and on their behalf.

To ensure that shareholders can have a better understanding of the agenda items to be discussed at the AGM and to encourage their active participation, the Company will provide detailed information on the AGM in a circular which is despatched with the latest annual report to the shareholders. Notice to shareholders will be sent out at least 20 clear business days before the AGM.

Poll voting results and minutes of the AGM will be posted on the Company's website and HKEx website as soon as practicable.

The Company will also convene other general meetings whenever needed. Notice to shareholders will be sent out at least 10 clear business days before the meetings.
3 Communication with Investment Community
The Company will communicate actively with the investment community in the forms of meetings, conferences and roadshows. Investment community includes existing and potential investors of the Company's securities, analysts and securities market professional. Information concerning the Company will be discussed during these meetings. The communication with the investment community is strictly guided by the Company's Information Disclosure Policy which is available on the Company's website for public reference.
4 Shareholder Enquiries
Any enquiries and requests relating to shareholder's shareholding, such as change of personal details, transfer of shares, loss of share certificates and dividend warrants, etc., may be sent in writing to the Company's shareholder services in Hong Kong and US.

Shareholders who have other queries or comments in relation to the shareholder communications can send written enquiries by email to the Company's investor relations or make calls to the Company's registered office.

Contact details of the Company and shareholder services are available on the Company's website at Contact Us.

Shareholders Rights

  • the way in which shareholders can convene an extraordinary general meeting:
    Any shareholder(s) holding not less than 5% of total voting rights of all the shareholders who have a relevant right to vote may request the Board to convene an extraordinary general meeting. The request, duly signed by the shareholder(s) concerned, must clearly state the general nature of the business to be dealt with at the meeting and may include the text of the proposed resolution. Such request must be deposited at the registered office of the Company, 53rd Floor, Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong. The Company would take appropriate actions and make necessary arrangements in accordance with the requirements under sections 566 to 568 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance once a valid request is received.
  • the procedures for proposing a resolution at an annual general meeting:
    The following shareholders are entitled to request the Company to give notice of a resolution that may properly be moved at an annual general meeting of the Company:
    (a) shareholders representing at least 2.5% of the total voting rights of all the shareholders who have a relevant right to vote; or
    (b) at least 50 shareholders who have a relevant right to vote.

The request identifying the proposed resolution, duly signed by the shareholders concerned, must be deposited at the registered office of the Company, 53rd Floor, Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong not less than six weeks before the annual general meeting, or if later, the time at which notice is given of that meeting. The Company would take appropriate actions and make necessary arrangements in accordance with the requirements under sections 615 to 616 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance once valid documents are received.