About BOC Tower

Bank of China (BOC) Tower is located at 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, a flourishing centre of activity in Hong Kong's business and financial core. The building was constructed in April 1985 and officially opened in May 1990, towering 70 floors above the ground floor level and offering parking in four basement levels. The tower structure of 315 metres and two masts of 50 odd metres give the building its aspiring height of 367.4 metres – which, in 1989, made it the tallest in Hong Kong as well as the fifth by height in the world. It is still one of the tallest office buildings in Hong Kong. 

The BOC Tower is a masterpiece of the world-renowned Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei. His inspiration for the building's construction was the elegant stature of bamboo, its sectioned trunk reaching higher and higher with each new growth. The Tower is symbolic of strength, vitality, growth and enterprise, representing Bank of China (Hong Kong)'s rapid development. The building is characterised by a harmonious blend of modern architecture with traditional Chinese design. Its four prism-shaped shafts reflect the sun's rays like a glittering crystal. A geometrical work of art clad in a curtain wall of glass and aluminum, BOC Tower rises majestically from its Central location to command a spectacular panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour.

The BOC Tower has won a number of local and international architectural design awards, including the highest Platinum rating under BEAM Plus EB v2.0 from Hong Kong Green Building Council in 2022; "Excellent" Award of Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method in 2002; Ten Best Architecture in Hong Kong from HKIA in 1999; Marble Architectural Award in 1992; AIA Reynolds Memorial Award in 1991; Award for Engineering Excellence from ACEC in 1989; Certificate of Engineering Excellence from NYACE in 1989, etc. Its architect, Mr. Pei, also received the Smithsonian Institute's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement on 10 October 2003, an honour bestowed upon him by the United States Government.