Management Trainee Programme

Established in 2006, our Management Trainee ( "MT" ) Programme aims to nurture high-calibre individuals to become future leaders who are ready to take up challenges and excel in any parts of our businesses. MTs who joined us in early years have evolved  as subject matter experts and key individuals running their teams. Positioned as the cradle of leaders, we are determined to invest considerable amount of resources into our MTs and MT alumni, through the provision of multi-facets of developmental opportunities to facilitate their ever-learning total experiences and pave the promising career path; in retrospect, injecting spirits with drive and innovation to the Bank.


Programme Structure

Shed light from the characteristics of our different segments, our 18-month MT Programme provides you with business department focused trainings, which enables you to grow understanding of our business. It comprises a wide array of focused lectures, on-the-job training, rotational training, short-term secondment to Southeast Asian or Bank of China’s Mainland branches. We also provide ongoing mentoring, buddy guidance and performance coaching to help Management Trainees develop the required skill sets. You will entitle early responsibilities and face challenges in driving various projects across departments to broaden your horizon and build your own networks. You are encouraged to bring in your critical mindset with innovative ideas to energizing our operation mechanism. 

Training and development

Orientation: 2 weeks 

The orientation encompasses both classroom training and action-based learning. You will also have a chance to gain insights into the Bank’s structure, corporate culture and regulatory requirements as well as features of our business strategies, products and services through social learning with business heads.      

Job Rotation: Approximately 17 months 

Job rotation offers you to build up the knowledge about functions of different departments;  a better understanding of the Bank’s end-to-end service chain and to establish working relationships which will lay a solid foundation for your long-term success. 

Overseas exposure: 1 month

You will be offered a valuable opportunity to work across the mainland and Southeast Asia, which is a challenging business environment to help you build a wide working network for future career development and deepen the understanding of financial markets in the Mainland of China and Southeast Asia.

Mentoring and Support 

We believe coaching will help spread your wings. Throughout the 18-month, a experienced business executive will be assigned as your mentor to help envision your future establishment by providing guidance on your career development. The mentor will facilitate your overview of the Bank's business strategy and assistance in developing your confidence. During your job rotation, experienced leaders will provide you with technical sharing and constructive feedback for your development.

In addition, experienced HR Managers will provide you the career development and assessment sessions to ensure your holistic and solid development.

Professional qualifications

You will be assisted and encouraged to attain the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers related professional qualifications. 

  • Advanced Diploma for Certified Banking (“CB”, HKIB)  

Career Path

Upon completion of programme, you will be granted on-going opportunity for sustainable development at our Bank. Managerial positions will be offered to those who have successfully completed the Programme with leadership potential. BOCHK sets up a well-established and comprehensive talent management system for our staff. We are committed to continuously enhancing our staff’s professionalism and unleashing the potential for sustainable success.


Application: BOCHK Career

Application Deadline: Closed