Experience Sharing


Kenny Yeung
Head of Industry Management
Global Corporate Banking Department
Management Trainee 2008

Attitude and Problem Solving Competencies are the Key Successful Factors

Being optimistic towards China’s growth potential, I have decided to join BOCHK’s Graduate Programme (was called the “Officer Trainee Programme”) when I graduated. With two years’ hard work, I was nominated to join the Management Trainee Programme (MT), and am very excited to have become one of the representatives in the Standing General Meeting with the Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank, which is far beyond my expectation.

Being the Bank’s Management Trainee has meant a lot to me – I enjoyed plentiful of learning opportunities, particularly I could join some remarkable projects of the bank, like the launch of offshore RMB businesses. From 2009 onwards, the launch of the offshore RMB policy has brought tremendous amount of opportunities to the market, but at the same time, a lot of challenges did come along. Indeed, it was a brand new business, and there weren’t any predecessors or prior experiences that we could refer to. Started it from scratch, our team tried to build up the entire offshore RMB business workflow, which has latter become the market standard. Throughout the entire process, I have learned profoundly about the overall operations of the bank and larger financial market. Such experience has been remarkably useful to me when I conducted sales pitches later on, and enabled me to grow professionally.

Attitude and problem solving competencies are the key successful factors. This is the sincere advice I would like to give to all graduates who want to join our Bank. Regardless you are a new joiner or a department head, for sure you would face various kinds of challenges during your work; here, steadfastness in willing to take up challenges, upholding the can-do and sacrificing spirit, are the cornerstone to success.

And now the regional expansion into the South East Asia market has become BOCHK’s new business development strategy. This is definitely a golden opportunity, we all look forward to your participation!


Charles Wong
Senior Operation Manager
Bank-wide Operation Department
Management Trainee 2011

BOCHK cherishs every individuals and focus on talent development

It's my ninth year with BOCHK after my graduation. Thanks to the all-rounded training Programme offered by the Bank, I was given a lot of opportunities and all of these are definitely helpful in fostering my personal growth and career development.

BOCHK treasures every staff member and devotes lots of resources to talent development. Management Trainee Programme provides mentioring, under which mentors give tremendous support to their respective mentees. I take great pleasure and honour to have a charismatic mentor who generously shared with me his valuable experiences and insights, which gave me countless inspirations for my development.

The department allows me to adopt what I have learnt in the campus to real situation. Also, I was given valuable chance to participate in team leading and HR management. Apart from my daily work, I have joined different CSR activities, such as the charitable and volunteer services. I have benefited a lot from these experiences.

With a clear career development path, I will continue to enhance my professionalism and management skills with the Bank's guidance, and work hard to become a promising managerial executive in the banking industry.


Patrick Yiu
Branch Head
Personal Banking and Wealth Management
Management Trainee 2012

BOCHK - The Best Platform to Realize Your Aspirations

Seven years have passed since I first joined BOCHK and now I rose as a Branch Manager.

I feel truly grateful for the fruitful and rewarding development opportunities provided to me by the Bank along my journey here as a Management Trainee, including the invaluable placement at the Bank of China Headquarters in Beijing and the job-shadowing experience with my mentor.

To highlight, the greatest challenge to me so far would be grasping the opportunity to return to the frontline as a Branch Manager, right after the completion of my MT Programme. With the capacity of a Branch Manager, I feel pride and motivated to have witnessed the team to excel in a collaborative manner. Together, we earned the Branch’s performance gains and achieved a substantial rise in the overall ranking, and gratefully, with the team’s hard work and dedication, the Branch has become the Best Trusted Bank among customers in the district. I am fortunate to have the chance to lead my Branch to transit from one that only provided basic transactional service to a comprehensive service branch, thereby soliciting more opportunities with the revamp of Branch network transformation.

With the strong and sincere mutual learning environment in BOCHK, I am able to spread my wings and explore my fullest potential. Do equip yourself well, stay focused with your target. I am looking forward to meeting you in BOCHK.

Ivan Lee
Senior Business Strategy Manager
Personal Banking and Wealth Management
Officer Trainee 2003

Embrace the Challenge. Grasp the Exciting Opportunities.

I joined BOCHK right after my graduation from the university. Despite graduating from the degree Programme of Business Administration, the complexity and diversity of banking industry was far beyond my imagination. Gratefully, if I was a blank page back then, the drawing page is now filled with colours.

My career blossomed at one of the branches. Upon completion of several job rotations at frontline, I was able to consolidate and grow insights towards towards the retail products and service models. I was then nominated by the Bank to be one of the contestants in the “Outstanding Financial Planners Award”, hosted by “the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers”, in which I obtained the “Gold Award”. I was later being selected to join a three-month exchange Programme in Shanghai and Qingdao, which excitingly deepened my understanding towards the financial industry in the Mainland, far earlier than my peers.

Then I made some significant moves in my career by turning myself from frontline to teams in the middle office, shouldering responsibilities on strategic development, product analysis and customer acquisition. All these have vastly enriched my exposure.

Given the borad business platform of BOCHK, our colleages do enjoy a large room for career enrichment through internal hires and promotions – discovering and developing potentials. Embrace the challenges; you’ll see all the exciting opportunities ahead.

Kera Kong
Strategic Planner
Economics and Strategic Planning Department
Officer Trainee 2010

BOCHK – Enables you to embark on a truly professional career development

I have been engaged in RMB related work since I joined BOCHK. I was privileged to have participated in six out of ten years of the offshore RMB market development. It’s made me almost witnessed the process of RMB transforming from a local currency to an international and reserve currency. Endeavored to be our corporate, institutional and individual customers’ “Best Choice for All RMB Needs”, BOCHK is also the world’s first offshore RMB clearing bank with extensive experience in RMB businesses, and one of the market makers in the offshore market.

With the privilege to be part of the RMB Business Division allows me to explore plentiful opportunities to introduce Hong Kong’s RMB business development experiences to various stakeholders around the world. It’s genuinely a great platform that enables me to embark on a truly professional career development.