Financial Institutions (Banks)

With the globalisation of the world economy, the demand for more efficient financial services has been growing. BOCHK provides settlement service, trade finance and treasury products in RMB and other major currencies, to fully support banks around the world and contribute to the growth of the banking industry.

Being the pioneer in RMB business in Hong Kong, we possess proven track record of RMB business, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers.


  • As a major participating bank of the local Real Time Gross Settlement System, we support the development of the automated clearing business in RMB, HKD, USD and EUR.
  • Through our close collaboration with Bank of China, our parent bank, and other major banks around the world, we provide customers with one-stop services covering capital, trade and treasury products.
  • We are among the first batch of eligible entities as a Hong Kong and overseas bank to be granted access to the Mainland interbank bond market.

A Comprehensive Range of Innovative Financial Services

  • RMB Services: We provide diversified RMB products and services for local and overseas RMB participating banks. Leveraging our established clearing network in over 100 countries and regions across 5 continents, we strive to promote the development of international RMB business by providing support to other banks.
  • BOC Remittance Plus: Through the extensive network of Bank of China and Cooperative Banks in the Mainland and overseas, we offer customers same-day remittance service in HKD, USD and other foreign currencies. This service covers more than 10,000 remittance receiving points across the major provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the Mainland of China, as well as Macau, to help customer capture every opportunity for cross-border business development.
  • Banknotes Service: Banknotes service is BOCHK's featured service with over 60 years of history. We are providing 60+ currencies cross-border door-to-door two ways banknotes trading service to numerous financial institution customers in the mainland China and overseas.Nowadays,we are one of the most well-known and reliable banknotes wholesaling banks in the globe to fulfill customers' banknotes needs.
  • BOCHK Financial Institutions Online: With our internet banking platform designed for financial institutions, you can manage accounts and receive financial information online anytime, anywhere. The multiple authorisation feature also enhances the protection for account information.

Corporate Customer Services Hotline +852 3988 2288

Important Notice

Risk Disclosure of RMB Investment and Conversion

  • RMB investments are subject to exchange rate fluctuations which may provide both opportunities and risks. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of RMB may result in losses in the event that the customer converts RMB into HKD or other foreign currencies.
  • RMB is currently not fully freely convertible. Corporate customers who intend to conduct conversion of RMB through banks may occasionally not be able to do so fully or immediately, for which it is subject to the RMB position of the banks and their commercial decisions at that moment. Customers should consider and understand the possible impact on their liquidity of RMB funds in advance.