BOCHK Corporate Cash Management Solution

A high degree of efficiency of cash management is the key of success of a business. Effective liquidity of cashflow determines the success of cash management and is a top priority in Treasurer’s agenda. BOCHK Corporate Cash Management Solution assists Treasurers in executing all sorts of financial transactions, allows the pooling of all available cash to your business from your treasury centre and other subsidiary companies, enhances the transparency of daily corporate financial activities and provides you with various cash management related information. Being your best partner in corporate cash management, our commitment is to work with you closely for an optimal solution that fits for your business and strive for your cash management efficiency.

  • Corporate Collection Management Solution: Based on the actual business needs of corporate customers, we provide you with various efficient and secure collection channels and support transaction of different currencies which will help you to save collection cost and enhance cash-flow efficiency.
  • Corporate Payment Management Solution: Consolidating and executing corporate payments, as well as enabling easy account reconciliation by corporate customers with transaction details downloaded via our Corporate Internet Banking.
  • Corporate Liquidity Management Solution: Allowing corporate groups to create cash pool by concentrating, physically or virtually, the account balances of their treasury centre and subsidiary companies to optimize interest rates and master investment opportunities.
  • Corporate Electronic Platforms Management Solution: Facilitating more effective corporate cash flow management with the our Corporate Internet Banking and ERP Integration solution.

In addition, we offer general Account Services, Corporate Deposits and Corporate Credit Card to suit your needs.


The Pluses of BOCHK Corporate Cash Management Solution

  • Rich product line: Provides a range of cash management products to suit your needs.
  • Enhanced cash utilisation: The solutions enabled by BOCHK help corporate customers to pool together their cash resources for executing investment and deposit decisions to boost their investment or non-operating income.

The Advantages of BOCHK

  • Solid presence and extensive networks
    • One of the three note-issuing banks in Hong Kong
    • An established extensive network of branches, ATMs and Cheque Deposit Machines across Hong Kong
  • Solid experience in the RMB business
    • Market leader of RMB business in Hong Kong
    • Substantial market share in the RMB deposit market in Hong Kong
  • Global network
    • Global connections empowered by the strong overseas banking relations of our parent company, the Bank of China
    • With the support of our high quality correspondent bank network, speedy and convenient remittance, coupled with other transactional products and services, are delivered to corporate customers

If you would like to find out more, please call the Cash Management Services Hotline +852 3988 1288.