Express Transfer (RTGS / CHATS)

Through the local interbank settlement network, BOCHK provides you with express transfer service which enable you to conveniently, securely and rapidly initiate transfers of funds in HKD/RMB/ USD/EUR to accounts with other local banks, or vice versa.

  • Preferential charges: Your Express Transfer (RTGS / CHATS) made via our Online Banking can enjoy a service charge discount of up to 86% off.
  • Immediate funds availability: Your transfers will be credited for same day value.

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To find out more, please contact our Remittance Enquiry Hotline +852 2836 8788

Service Timing

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Express Transfer


HKD、USD、EUR 16:00 17:45
RMB 22:45

Online Banking Fund Transfer Discount
Please read our Remittance Service Charges Table.