Global Remittance

BOCHK has established a suite of global remittance services that provide business customers, through diversified branch network and electronic channels, with telegraphic transfer and local interbank transfer in all major settlement currencies.  Time-saving, convenient and ease of use!  If the beneficiary account is opened in any branch of Bank of China in the mainland, Macau, Taiwan and certain branches outside Hong Kong, “BOC Remittance Plus” is the most efficient service for effecting funds transfer.  The global remittance services of BOCHK are comprehensive and well prepared to fit your needs in making payment and fund transfers. 

Telegraphic Transfer

BOCHK has maintained a strong international correspondent network and built a well-established system infrastructure to support the global remittance service. Through BOCHK, your remittance will be processed in a highly automated environment and compatible with industrial standards in telecommunication, facilitating the beneficiary banks to forward the remittance proceeds to the beneficiaries in a timely manner.

Inward remittance via your accounts with BOCHK is also simple and easy.  Upon funds are credited to your designated account, BOCHK provide you with electronic notification, so that you can monitor your cash flow closely.

BOC Remittance Plus

For efficient fund transfers among the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, BOC Remittance Plus is the best solution.

BOC Remittance Plus is a dual-direction remittance service jointly offered by BOCHK, Bank of China and Cooperative Banks (Nanyang Commercial Bank Limited and Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Limited and Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited). Via BOC Remittance Plus, you may have your funds transferred within the quickest time of less than 5 minutes to all remittance points in the mainland, Macau and Taiwan, and many branches of Bank of China and Cooperative Banks outside Hong Kong.

Renminbi Remittance

Leveraged on the appointment of BOC Group entities as RMB Clearing banks in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and certain other financial centers, and the coverage of correspondent network, BOCHK can provide you most efficient and rapid RMB remittance services.

Demand Draft

Through our strong correspondent network and the strong branch network of BOC in the mainland, BOCHK is able to offer you secure and reliable remittance through issuance of demand drafts.