Virtual Securities Investment Platform

Enrich your investment wisdom for a winning streak

A wise investment not only starts with aptitude, but also with proficiency in investment techniques. Besides providing the Internet Virtual Securities Investment Platform, BOCHK is now pleased to launch the Mobile Virtual Securities Investment Platform . You can conduct Hong Kong stocks and China A shares simulated trading through the platforms, which helps you sharpen the skills and accumulate the experience needed on your path towards successful investment.

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Enhance Investment Knowledge for Greater Advantages

Trading practice makes investment perfect
Free Virtual Securities Investment Platform allows you to conduct virtual securities trading transactions for HK stocks, ETFs, warrants / CBBCs, and A shares with virtual money denominated in HKD and RMB based on real-time stock price, helping you sharpen your investment skills and accumulate experience.

Wisdom to become an investing wizard
A wealth of investment knowledge and stock information including Weekly Stock Market Outlook, real-time stock information, investment glossary, warrants and CBBCs Information, is offered to help you grasp the investment opportunities.

Platform for assessing investment strategies
A convenient platform is provided for both beginners and experienced investors to test investment strategies before trading in the real market. Apart from stocks, you can try investing in warrants and CBBCs derivative tools to assess your investment strategies and judgment.

Features of Virtual Securities Investment Platform of BOCHK

  • Each virtual account is allocated with virtual funds of HK$ 1 million and RMB 1 million respectively
  • Virtual securities trading is concluded with real-time stock price in real trading hours
  • Free real-time stock quotes and order types of limit order and market order are available for your use