GBA Youth Card (BOC Card)

GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) is a brand-new debit card created in cooperation with Bank of China (Hong Kong), the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation (the “Foundation”), Guangdong Youth Federation, Hong Kong United Youth Association and Macao Youth Federation. It is a comprehensive youth service card that provides supports and living convenience for Hong Kong youth in the Greater Bay Area.

The GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) links to the YO PLACE membership which offers members to participate in various activities and enjoy the services and privileges1 provided by YO PLACE.

Exclusive Service

Connect with the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation’s YO PLACE youth services platform and enjoy one-stop service at

  •   Free participation in youth events provided by the Foundation
  •   30% off YO PLACE multimedia facilities rental (Address: 16/F, 9 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)
  •   Provides information on studies, career and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area

Hong Kong United Youth Association

  •   Enjoy a wide range of consultation services on legal, accounting and other professional areas
  •   Cardholder can take advantage of the privileges as members of Hong Kong United Youth Association. For details, please visit Hong Kong United Youth Association webpage

Guangdong Youth Federation

  • Obtain emergency youth support and other services including psychological counselling and legal assistance by calling Guangdong 12355 Youth Integrated Services Hotline in Guangdong Province
  • Participate in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Home’s activities and get support in Guangdong Province
  • Enjoy entrepreneurship and other support services from the “Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”
  • For more information about daily life, travel, job search, entrepreneurship, study, exchange and so on in Guangdong Province, please contact Guangdong Youth Federation for a copy of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth information” if needed. Telephone: 86-20-87195609

Macao Youth Federation

  • While in Macao, GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) holders can seek emergency assistance or information from the Macao Youth Federation.
  • Address: 10a-10c Calçada do Tronco Velho R/C
  • Telephone: +853 28523618

Please contact related organisations for detail.

Time Deposit Offer

  • Enjoy preferential annual interest rates, customer can contact BOCHK staff for the details.

Application Channel and Conditions

Customers who meet the following conditions can apply for the GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) in person at any branch BOCHKwith their colour passport photo taken in the last 3 months2.

  • Aged 11 or above4; and
  • Holding a Hong Kong dollar or/and RMB account or/and Multi-Currency Saving Account (including RMB and applicable currency) in BOCHK56


1.      For the products and services provided by YO PLACE, Hong Kong United Youth Association, Guangdong Youth Federation and Macao Youth Federation, please contact the relevant organisations or visit the webpages of relevant organisations. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Company”) accepts no liability for the quality of or any other matters relating to the products and services. The relevant organisations are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to the products and services. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of the Company and the relevant organisations.

2.      Please refer to the following photo format:

  • Plain white background
  • Showing full frontal face with clear facial features

3.      If you are already a member of YO PLACE, please provide the membership number and email address registered with YO PLACE in the GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) application. If you are not an existing member of YO PLACE, you will be automatically registered as a member of YO PLACE in the GBA Youth Card (BOC Card) application.

4.      Customers aged between 11 and 15 must be accompanied by their parent / guardian and provide the identification documents and proof of relationship of the customers' parent / guardian.

5.      Each customer can only apply for 1 GBA Youth Card (BOC Card).

6.      Joint account cannot be registered as a 1st account.

Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation

The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation (the "Foundation"), established in September 2019, is a charitable institution of a public character that was set up mainly to serve Hong Kong youth. It is a joint effort of youth leaders from various sectors who want to support the young generation. With a mission of 'For Our Youth, For Our Future', it supports youth development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by bringing together leaders, resources and ideas.

The Foundation seeks to promote exchanges and support young people in their studies, careers and business development in the Greater Bay Area. In doing so, it hopes that young people can gain a better understanding of the business environment and culture, which will be conducive to their personal and professional growth.


Developed by The Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation, YO PLACE is an integrated online and offline youth platform which operated under a membership scheme. It supports Hong Kong youths with information and services in studies, careers and entrepreneurship, in order to seize opportunities in the GBA.

YO PLACE is operated under a membership scheme with two types of membership: YO PLACE Members aged 11-45, and YO PLACE Friends aged 46 or above. For YO PLACE membership Terms and Conditions, please visit