Note of Outside Hong Kong ATM Cash Withdrawals Limit Setting

The Outside Hong Kong ATM daily withdrawal limit of a BOC Card1,2  and bank accounts linking to BOC Credit Card are preset at ‘zero’3 HKD for better ATM security reasons. You must therefore activate the ATM cash withdrawal function in advance and before you leave Hong Kong by setting the daily withdrawal limit4 and the validity period5 through the relevant designated channels to enable you to enjoy cash withdrawal service outside Hong Kong. Designated channels are:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • The BOCHK Group ATMs
  • 24-hour Customer Service Hotline +852 2691 2323


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Activation Steps



  1. For customers of "BOC Wealth Express Card" issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, if the cash withdrawal via ATM in the Mainland activate Flexible Account Management Service and the debit from the card-issuing bank's Hong Kong Dollars account, customers are required to activate the function in advance through the relevant designated channels by setting up the validity period and daily cash withdrawal limit (according to different regions and ATM networks) for the auto-debit transaction.
  2. Some of the JETCO ATMs with Macau casino functions (including ticket redemption, money exchange, etc) at casinos in Macau may not provide any ATM services through the JETCO network until the upgrading of these terminals to support chip-based cards is completed. For details, please refer to the latest announcements of the Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited ("JETCO") or visit its website
  3. Activation is not required for cash withdrawal transactions performed at some ATMs marked with "JETCO" in Macau.
  4. Daily Withdrawal Limit will be defaulted to the base currency of the selected account. For example, the Daily Withdrawal Limit will be calculated in HKD currency if the sum is settled in the HKD account.
  5. The setting for ATM cash withdrawal function outside Hong Kong will take effect from the commencement of the validity period set by customers after activation. The minimum validity period for such function is one day and the maximum validity period lasts until the card expires.
  6. While activating the overseas cash withdrawal function, you could set an overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit that is lower than the limit for local cash withdrawal according to your needs and set the start date and end date for the activation period according to the travel date(s) .
  7. The bank will send you security messages by either text messaging or other form of alert under certain circumstances. Please check once received.

In case of any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of this notice, the English version shall prevail.