BoC Pay 

BoC Pay is a one-stop local and cross-border payment mobile application which enables customers to make payments in the Greater Bay Area seamlessly, without the need of opening a bank account on the mainland. Together with the fund transfer service, you can make free and instant interbank transfers anytime. You can also send money to friends and family on the mainland from your Smart Account via BoC Pay. BoC Pay currently supports 7 major mainland banks and features automatic currency exchange. From now on, making, receiving and transferring your payments are easier than ever with our all-in-one mobile application, BoC Pay.

Remarks: When making payments on mobile websites, please use the Safari browser on iPhone or the Chrome browser on Android phones.

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Updated on: 26 May 2024


Both BOCHK and non-BOCHK customers can simply register online.

BOCHK Customers

  • BOCHK internet banking customers or

  • BOCHK ATM card or BOC Credit Card (linked with a bank account) customers or

  • BOC UnionPay Credit Card (including main and additional card(s)) holders

  • Reminder:For BOC Visa/Mastercard customers, if you have BOCHK bank account, please bind your bank account to use BoC Pay. Otherwise, please open a BOCHK bank account or apply for a BOC UnionPay card and bind it to use BoC Pay.

    Disclaimer:Viewers of this video are advised to read the relevant disclaimer. For details, please browse through the preview "About" of this channel.


Non-BOCHK Customers

Customers who satisfy the following criteria:

  • 18 years old or above and hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card

  • Nationality (Country/Region) of “China” or “Hong Kong, China” or “Macao, China”

  • Possess a valid mobile number (only accept area code of “China” or “Hong Kong, China” or “Macao, China”) , an e-mail address and residential address(in “Hong Kong, China”)

    Online registration educational video

    Disclaimer:Viewers of this video are advised to read the relevant disclaimer. For details, please browse through the preview "About" of this channel.

Remark: The above products and services are subject to the relevant terms. For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions for Smart Account Service and Terms and Conditions for Payment Account Service.

QR Code Payment and Bill Payment

With BoC Pay, you can pay merchants which accept UnionPay or Faster Payment System (FPS) QR code payments. You can also settle your bills by scanning FPS QR codes. In Mainland China, you can pay merchants which accept UnionPay QR code payments.


Scan a merchant (UnionPay or FPS) QR code to pay

Scan the FPS QR code on the electricity, water or gas bills to settle the bills in seconds

Show the merchant your payment QR code to pay

Real-time Fund Transfer

Make a free instant inter-bank transfer just by inputting the mobile number / e-mail address / bank account no. / FPS ID or scan the FPS QR code of a payee. The daily transfer limit is up to HKD 10,000^ with no limit in number of transactions.

^ Remarks: subject to the daily transaction limit set by the customer and the remaining limit of the day.

BoC Pay Cross-border Remittance

To cope with the increasing needs for frequent small-value payments (such as living expenses and bill payments) of our customers who travel frequently between Hong Kong and the Mainland (especially the Greater Bay Area), BoC Pay makes it easy and convenient to send money to friends or relatives in the Mainland. BOCHK customers can link their banking accounts with BoC Pay to enjoy the cross-border remittance service.

Collect payment

Generate your own FPS QR code to have others pay you

My Account

“My Account” allows you to manage your account in a secure and convenient way, with functions such as setting up the daily transaction limit, top-up method, balance enquiry, account top-up, transfer money to bank, FPS registrations, gift points enquiry, virtual card information enquiry etc. You can also link your bank account or credit cards here.

Gift eVouchers

Redeem eVouchers with gift points (including credit card, Smart Account, Payment Account gift points). Save the eVouchers in BoC Pay and use them whenever you want.

BoC Pay Merchant List

BoC Pay is accepted by merchants with the label shown on the right.

Please click the following buttons for BoC Pay Merchant list (available in Chinese only):



  • Please download BoC Pay from the official app stores or BOCHK official website, and be sure to use “BoC Pay” as the keyword to search. iPhone or iPad users may download BoC Pay via App Store; Android users may download BoC Pay via Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery or BOCHK official website.

  • * Recommended OS version: iOS (14.0 or above) and Android (8.1 or above)

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