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Hospital Authority Enhanced Home Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (“BOCHK”) provides exclusive offers to Hospital Authority Enhanced Home Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme1 (EHLISS).  This scheme is a combination of an interest-subsidised Staff Loan offered to Hospital Authority (“Staff Loan”) with comprehensive range of mortgage solutions (“Bank Loan”) to reduce the expenses and facilitate you to realise your homebuying dreams with ease.

Loan amount of up to 90% of property value to reduce the financial burden


Staff Loan2&3

Bank Loan2

Loan Amount

48X of monthly salary or HK$6,000,000
(whichever is lower)

Up to 60%4 of the net property value

Total Loan Amount

Up to 90% of the net property value

Interest Rate

1% p.a.
(if the market rate is
4% p.a. or below)5

Preferential interest rate and cash rebate6

Loan Tenor

Up to 20-year

Up to 30-year


  1. The Hospital Authority Enhanced Home Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme (“EHLISS”) is authorized by the Hospital Authority (“HA”).
  2. Mortgage loan under the EHLISS consists of the Staff Loan(s) offered by HA and the Bank Loan offered by the BOCHK.  The BOCHK acts as an administrator of the Staff Loan on behalf of the HA.  After drawdown of the Staff Loan, the Staff Loan will sell to the loan purchasing institution designated by the HA and the BOCHK will continue to act as an administrator on behalf of the loan purchasing institution.
  3. If there is more than one HA staff applying for the EHLISS in respect of the same property, the number of staff and Staff Loan amount will be determined by the HA in accordance with its guideline.
  4. The maximum of mortgage loan amount is subject to the related guideline on the Loan-to-value ratio and the maximum loan amount issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority from time to time.
  5. The applicable market rate for Staff Loan is subject to change from time to time and the maximum subsidy cap for Staff Loan is 3% p.a.  If the market rate is below 4% p.a., the staff only pays for 1% p.a.  Otherwise, the staff is required to pay the difference between the market rate when exceed HA subsidy cap of 3% p.a.
  6. The cash rebate is subject to the prevailing promotional offers provided by the BOCHK.

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