Mortgage Further Advance / Refinancing / Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan

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Mortgage Further Advance / Refinancing Service

With BOCHK Mortgage Further Advance / Refinancing Service, you can make use of your asset to satisfy your needs.

Best meets your financial needs and goals

With our Mortgage Further Advance / Refinancing Service and wide range of mortgage plans, whether you wish to decorate your house or travel around to improve your living standard; or you wish to fulfil your goals of further education or starting your own business, we must provide you with tailored loan solution to suit all your financial needs.


A property owner purchased a HK$4,000,000 property with mortgage loan amount of HK$2,800,000 (70% of appraised property value*) three years ago. Today, the latest appraised property value is HK$4,500,000 and the mortgage loan outstanding is HK$2,200,000.  The owner can apply our Mortgage Further Advance / Refinancing loan up to 70% of the appraised property value (i.e. HK$3,150,000), deducts existing owed HK$2,200,000, the available cash out amount will be HK$950,000.

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*subject to the guidelines from Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Bank’s final approval

Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan

BOCHK’s Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan lets you capitalize on your property so that you can help your family members to take the first step in having their own property.

Give your family the gift of a loving home

You can use your own properties as collateral to bring additional capital for your family members, so as to reduce their burden on the expenses for purchasing property (e.g. down payment, stamp duty, handling fee, refurbishment expenses etc). You could choose the most suitable loan amount and repayment period based on your own repayment ability and family needs*.


Assume the customer, Mr. Chan owns a property and increases his property mortgage amount via Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan to help his son purchase a property. Details are as below:

Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan
Mr. Chan's son is planning to purchase a property of HK$4,000,000 for his new home.
He currently has HK$1,000,000 personal savings. Mr. Chan would like to apply for mortgage further advance, in order to get an extra loan for helping his son on part of the expenses for purchasing the property.
Property A - The ideal property of Mr. Chan's son
(Assumed Property Value: HK$4,000,000)
Property B - Mr. Chan's existing property
(Assumed Property Value: HK$8,000,000)
Personal Savings HK$1,000,000
70% Mortgage Loan HK$2,800,000

Mortgage Further Advance Loan for
other expenses of purchasing property
Mortgage Plan A: Mortgage of Mr. Chan's son
Borrower: Mr. Chan's son
Loan Amount: HK$2,800,000
Mortgage Plan B: Mr. Chan's Mortgage Further Advance
Borrower: Mr. Chan or Mr. Chan's son
Loan Amount: HK$800,000
Through Flexi-Family Mortgage Plan, Mr. Chan and his son get sufficient loan amount for the expenses of purchasing a new property, successfully acquire an ideal property for the new home.

For reference only, please contact our staff for more details

*subject to the guidelines from Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Bank’s final approval

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