Business Integrated Account

BOCHK, the best partner in your business growth, is committed to providing comprehensive banking solutions to suit your needs. With our one-stop banking services and exclusive privileges of Business Integrated Account, you can enhance your company's financial management, operating efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Comprehensive services to meet your needs
With Business Integrated Account, you can manage all of your company's accounts including Deposits, Loans, Trade Services, Investments, etc. under one roof for added flexibility and convenience.

Consolidated Statement enabling you to review your account details at a glance

  • Consolidated Monthly Statement listing the accounts summary, Total Relationship Balance, Monthly Service Fee privilege, Time Deposit schedule, account balance and transaction details can help you understand your company’s full financial status at ease.
  • You can conveniently view your Consolidated Monthly Statements of the previous 84 months (starting from April 2018) via Corporate Internet Banking.

"Auto-Sweeping Service" 
When the available balance of the designated current account is not sufficient to settle the cheque amount, this Auto-Sweeping Service will sweep funds from your company’s other designated account to avoid bounced cheque and unnecessary overdraft interest*.

* This Auto-Sweeping Service is only applicable to the overdraft of the Current Account due to drawing of cheque(s), provided the transfer sum does not exceed the maximum limit prescribed by the Bank from time to time. If the total transfer sum exceeds the maximum limit, this Auto-Sweeping Service will not be executed even though the amount of one of the cheques is below the maximum limit. If the transfer sum under this Auto-Sweeping Service successfully covers the overdraft amount, the Bank will not charge any overdraft interest.

Trade services
By capitalizing on our parent bank's extensive network in the Mainland of China and the world, the Bank's professional and experienced trade services team provides you with various cross-border trade financing services to grow your business.
In addition, the "Trade Services" under CBS Online will provide you with import and export services, repayment and guarantee services.

All-inclusive e-banking services
The Bank provides secure and reliable e-banking services to help you manage your finance anywhere anytime.

Corporate Internet Banking service

  • You can access Corporate Internet Banking to enjoy our comprehensive banking services and wide array of online transaction offers whenever needed.
  • As our prestigious Business Integrated Account customer, you can enjoy Monthly Service Fee waiver.


  • The new iGTB MOBILE is a convenient application to bring you a brand-new experience to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • You can now quickly and easily track or authorise your payment and collection transactions with your handheld devices.

CBS Phone Banking

  • You can manage your banking accounts, credit card accounts, investment transactions and enquire about our services via CBS Phone Banking.

The Bank provides 3 types of Business Integrated Account to cater for your company's different needs at different business stages:

Account Type Business Integrated Account - Elite Business Integrated Account - Plus Business Integrated Account
Auto-sweeping service
- Maximum limit:
Monthly service fee
- Total Relationship Balance:
HK$1,000,000 or above: Waived
HK$500,000 to below HK$1,000,000: HK$100
Below HK$500,000: HK$200
HK$200,000 or above: Waived
Below HK$200,000: HK$150
HK$50,000 or above: Waived
Below HK$50,000: HK$120
Free Counter Transaction*

50 transactions

50 transactions

30 transactions

For any counter transaction(s) exceeding the Maximum Limit shall be subject to a service fee of HK$20 per transaction. You are entitled 10 free counter transactions per month if the above account type are not applicable.

Total Relationship Balance ("TRB")
The Business Integrated Account Monthly Service Fee is determined by your TRB, i.e. the monthly average balance of deposits, loans, value of Investment Assets, and mortgage instalment.

TRB includes:

  • Deposits: Savings Account, Current Account and Time Deposit
  • Loans: Utilized credit limit of Current Account, Bills Account and Loans Account
  • Value of Investment Assets: Such as Stocks, Bonds, Funds, Certificate of Deposit, Equity Linked Investments, Currency Linked Investments, Precious Metal and FX Margin etc.
  • Mortgage: Instalment Amount (includes principal and interest, but excludes the fully or partial prepayment amount).

(Note: All foreign currency balances are converted into Hong Kong Dollar and calculated based on exchange rates quoted by the Bank from time to time.)

All accounts of Master Customers and registered accounts of Registered Customers will be calculated for TRB of Master Customers.

You can view your TRB via Corporate Internet Banking or the Consolidated Monthly Statement of Business Integrated Account.

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