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Personal Banking Risk and Integrated Management Department

Personal Banking Risk and Integrated Management Department is responsible for the first line of defense for the risk management of retail banking business and the department collaborates closely with the second line of defense. It mainly focuses on managing the major risks including credit, fraud, money laundering, compliance, operational, reputation, technology and any other potential/new risks arising from new developments and the enhancement of risk prediction and control management. The department aims to manage the risk systematically through adopting fintech, taking a data-driven approach, balancing market needs so as to provide support to the business development and safeguard the retail banking business through an integrated management process and system.

In additional, the department is responsible for the overall strategy, planning and coordination of retail banking in the areas of business planning and financial control. The department also extends the expertise of risk management and business strategy planning to Southeast Asian entities to facilitate their regional expansion and coverage.

Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department

Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department aims to enhance the sales & services to the target customer segments by formulating effective business strategies, marketing plan, sales management plans and performing comprehensive customer behavior analysis. With the professional capabilities in customer segmentation and wealth management, the department continuously enhances the retail operation infrastructure to ensure the delivery of professional and quality banking services for enriching customer service experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Develop and improve the Personal Banking infrastructure of Cross-Border and Southeast Asia business, Local Segment, Small Enterprise Management and actively achieve the market shares and business targets to maximise the profits.

Develop sales incentives and business target distribution mechanism, channel productivity model, monitor and analyze channel performance, implement business strategy, proposition and tactical plan, and propose solutions to achieve network optimization and enhance sales effectiveness.

Offer a full range of wealth management and financial services to personal and small enterprises customers. With the most extensive local and global branch networks, automated banking facilities and a reliable online and omni-channel platform, the department provides flexible and convenient banking services that best meet customers' needs anytime anywhere.

Personal Digital Banking Product Department

Personal Digital Banking Product Department as the "Product Center of Excellence" aspires to provide best-in-class product solutions and services to the personal banking clients. Responsibilities include formulating and implementing product strategies and business models, managing product and user experience design, driving the concepts of innovation and collaboration, overseeing revenue and cross-sell performance, as well as providing insights and training. The department also involves in digital project management and development, as well as managing digital channels across the bank.

The major product scope of the department includes Deposits and FX, Secured and Unsecured Lending, Investment and Insurance products. The business covers the regions of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia countries.

Private Banking

Private Banking consists of a team of investment advisors, product specialists and customer relationship professionals to provide all-round and tailored wealth management solutions to high net worth customers. These include investment and fiduciary services, alternative investment options, estate planning, as well as personal and corporate banking services to help customers maximize their wealth and fulfill their personal, family and business financial goals.

BOC Credit Card (Int'l) Ltd.

BOC Credit Card (International) Limited (“BOCCC”) is one of the largest credit card issuers and acquirers in Hong Kong. BOCCC offers a diversified range of Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay card products and payment services to fulfill individual and corporate customers’ needs. As a market pioneer, BOCCC takes pride to be the globally first-ever UnionPay Renminbi Card and UnionPay Dual Currency Card issuer in Hong Kong and sustainably be the largest UnionPay card issuer over the past 20 years. BOCCC also provides comprehensive payment methods, including traditional, contactless and digital mobile payments, in which the BoC Pay App allows local and cross-border spending, fund transfer and bill payments. For merchants, BOCCC offers BoC Bill Integrated Billing Service which supports mainstream physical Credit Card payments, QR code payments, FPS and various contactless payments to ensure merchants can serve the payment needs of customers from all over the world. BOCCC will continuously offer all-rounded payment services to make spending an enjoyable experience to customers.

Global Corporate Banking Department

Global Corporate Banking Department is responsible for sales, servicing and relationship management for trans-regional, blue-chip companies and other large corporations, and also the setup for corresponding marketing strategies, business processes and servicing models; coordinate and devise a full range of cross-product and cross-platform solutions to meet the diverse financial needs of corporate customers; overall management of syndication, DCM, M&A products for entire Corporate Banking, establishing the capacity for offering cross-platform financing solutions, including syndicated loans, project loans, structured financing, investment banking, and consultative services; responsible for business development strategies, business roadmaps and annual business plans; developing overall management of sustainable finance development, industry classification, planning & analysis for entire Corporate Banking, by industry development planning, industry trend research, and collaborating with other front-line departments.

Commercial Banking Department

The Commercial Banking Department is committed to serving corporate clients of various scales, ranging from SMEs, mid-cap companies to large corporations. While the department is persistently engaged in penetrating deeply into the local market, the department focus on expanding its capacity in neighborhood regions, particularly the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia, exerting the expertise into full play by implementing  industry-specific management and strategies. With the bank's aims at providing excellent services, the Commercial Banking Department endeavors to deliver total solutions with innovative products and services,  including but not limited to loans, cash management, trade finance products, payroll services and cross-border services. The department also collaborates with insurance companies and investment banks as partnership to offer customers with comprehensive and elite financial services.  In addition, the Commercial Banking Department perseveres to optimize its support to customers by launching integrated digitalization and online financial services, such as online collection, ERP, and BOC Connect services,  to further enhance customer experience, creating values to foster their development, striving to be the core bank of customers.

Institutional Business Department

Institutional Business Department takes up responsibilities in prospecting and maintaining mutually beneficial business relationship with global financial institutions and public sectors. The department drives to provide comprehensive financial solution to full range of institutional clients, including commercial banks, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, supranational organizations, non-bank financial institutions, government agencies, charities, professional organizations, hospitals and education institutions etc.

The department aims to achieve sustainable growth by delivering integrated financial products and services to institutional clients with professional competence and dedication, through active and effective identification of client needs, market trends and regulatory landscape.

Relationship Managers in Institutional Business Department partner with product teams, channel management, and various professional within the Bank to implement business strategies and deliver tailor-made solutions to institutional clients by leveraging the Bank’s reputation in RMB services capabilities and comprehensive product offerings in loans, trade finance, treasury, liquidity management, custody and so forth.

To align with the Bank’s strategic goals in Southeast Asia region, the department proactively manages and enhances the cross-border business capacities via close collaboration with BOC Group members in order to capture the business opportunities in the region with institutional clients.

Transaction Banking Department

Transaction Banking Department (“TBD”) is responsible for providing standard and tailor-made transaction banking products to corporate clients and financial institutions. The department devotes to product management, innovation, development, marketing, as well as formulation of business strategies to meet the increasingly sophisticated customer needs amid the fast-changing business environment.

In order to solidify the foundation for the sustainable development of corporate banking business, the department is constantly upgrading the intelligent Global Transaction Banking Platform (iGTB) and exploring collaborative business model with clients. The department also provides cash pooling, payment and collection, trade services, online and mobile solutions and many other products and services to facilitate the daily fund management of corporate clients.

Transaction Banking Department (“TBD“) plays an important role in capturing opportunities arising from national initiatives such as The Belt and Road, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and RMB Internationalization. The department promotes the brand of Best Regional Transaction Bank while connecting BOC Group's global network and diversified platforms with the aim of providing the best cross-border banking services in the market.

Corporate Credit Management Centre

Corporate Credit Management Centre ("CCMC") acts as the mid-office of the Corporate Banking Segment which consists of Global Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, Institutional Business, Transaction Banking, Custody and Trust Services. CCMC's primary functions are twofold, namely organizing and implementing risk management and internal control, and providing various services for business units within the Segment and Southeast Asia Entities.

Specifically, risk management and internal control related functions include credit approval, post-lending monitoring, credit portfolio analysis and reporting, compliance and operational risk management and anti-money laundering control, whilst supporting services provided by CCMC include client on-boarding and account opening, financial spreading and analysis, loan documentation, syndicated loan agency.

Custody and Trust Services

To facilitate the cross-border investment flows of corporate and institutional clients and to better serve their investment-related needs globally. BOCHK started offering custody products and services since late 2006 and has now become a fast growing service provider among its international competitors. Currently, its products include domestic custody, global custody, escrow services and other customised securities services solutions for institutional investors, insurers, asset managers, licensed intermediaries and sovereign entities to serve their various types of funds and portfolios. It is also a major service provider for various cross-border investment programs such as various China market Connects, QFII, QDII and mutual recognition of fund regimes.

Starting from July 2019, the department has also embarked on the provision of agency and trust services to corporate issuers for their debt instruments.

The specialty of Custody & Trust Services spans over strategic positioning, custody product development, technical sales, implementation, service delivery, product P/L, reporting, network market management, client servicing and product risk management etc. under the relevant regulatory regimes. It offers end-to-end servicing experience to clients and also all-round exposure to staff members to the international securities services market.

Global Markets

Global Markets is responsible for the bank's Trading Book treasury activities, offering treasury products and services across different  asset classes to clients of the Bank. The department offers investment and hedging products / treasury services to personal, corporate, institutional and sovereign clients through the Bank's distribution network and in-house treasury marketing team. The trading desks of the department trade different kinds of financial instruments, including foreign exchange, interest rates, securities and derivatives. The department is one of the active market makers in the HKD and offshore RMB markets.

Investment Management

The key mandates of Investment Management are (i) to conduct short-term cash flow and liquidity management for BOCHK through inter-bank money market transactions and (ii) to manage the investment portfolio by way of investing in longer-term fixed income securities.

BOCHK is one of the leading participants in the inter-bank market in Hong Kong. While Investment Management holds sufficient cash and short-term assets for liquidity purpose, the Bank participates in money market operations to achieve a reasonable return on its liquid assets. Throughout the investment processes, Investment Management ensures that all internal risk management and external regulatory requirements are complied.

Investment Management further enhances the bank's interest income by deploying excess surplus on longer-term investment-grade fixed income securities, including securities issued by governments, central banks, public sector entities, financial institutions and corporates etc.

BOCHK Asset Management Limited

BOCHK Asset Management Limited (“BOCHK AM”) was established in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited. BOCHK AM is committed to providing retail and institutional investors with a range of Fixed income, Equity and Alternative Investments products such as private equity and real estate investments, coupled with comprehensive investment solutions that best suit their risk tolerance and return requirements. In addition, BOCHK AM also manages investment funds and discretionary investment portfolios tailored to clients’ needs, helping to maximise their potential returns.

In recognition of its outstanding performance since its establishment, BOCHK AM has been granted a number of industry awards.

Financial Markets Management

Financial Markets Management (“FMM”) performs integrated management and middle office functions for the Financial Markets Segment with the support of three professional teams: Product and System Management, Credit Management and Business and Financial Management. The Product and System Management Team is responsible for setting up major infrastructure for financial market businesses and providing central counterparty clearing solutions for OTC derivatives. The team also handles CSA collateral management, manages treasury pricing models, monitors front office systems, and conducts due diligence on new products to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The Credit Management Team prepares credit proposals, conducts anti-money laundering (AML) on-boarding compliance check and undertakes negotiation of legal documents with external counterparties. The Business and Financial Management Team is responsible for Financial Markets Segment's risk monitoring and acts as project manager for related cross-departmental collaborations. The team is also in charge of the resource planning and performance tracking of Financial Markets Segment.


Treasury acts as the Bank of a Bank and is mandated with two main duties: Funding Pool Management and Fund Transfer Pricing. The key functions include managing the funding pool's interest rate and liquidity risks, developing the funding strategies, working closely with Investment Management to develop the group's ASEAN funding pool platform, coordinating and providing guidance to business units to achieve the ALCO's directives and targets, and managing the internal funds transfer pricing strategies to signal market interest rates movement as well as the Bank's overall liquidity preference.

Legal & Compliance and Operational Risk Management Department

As a second line of defence, Legal & Compliance and Operational Risk Management Department ("LCO") assists senior management in identifying and managing legal, compliance, operational, technology and reputation risks of the Group.

Its major functions include the establishment and review of relevant risk management policies and procedures, provision of advisory services within its areas of expertise, carrying out compliance reviews, provision of training, and regular reporting of key risk issues to senior management and the Board, etc.. In addition, LCO is responsible for coordinating the Bank’s communication with regulators, and managing customer complaints in relation to regulatory compliance.  It also provides oversight and guidance to the Bank’s local and overseas subsidiaries and branches in respect of their implementation of the above risk management framework.

Financial Crime Compliance Department

The BOCHK attaches the utmost importance in safeguarding the Bank from money laundering and terrorist financing (“ML/TF”), fraud, bribery and corruption risks, which is one of the most imperative compliance requirements in fostering business strategies and operations. Financial Crime Compliance Department ("FCC"), has the principal function to support the senior management in ensuring effective oversight and controls of the Bank's ML/TF, fraud, bribery and corruption risks and other relevant financial crimes (hereafter collectively referred to as "Financial Crime Risks").  FCC has the full responsibilities of putting in place a robust risk control framework which includes the establishment and review of AML/CFT, anti-fraud, anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures, risk modeling, provision of training, conducting ongoing monitoring, performing compliance review, reporting of significant issues to senior management for the purposes of prevention and management of Financial Crime Risks.

In addition, FCC provides full support to the senior management in ensuring that the overseas branches and subsidiary undertakings have corresponding AML/CFT, anti-fraud, anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures in place so as to comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Economics & Strategic Planning Department/HK Financial Research Institute of BOC

Economics & Strategic Planning Department/HK Financial Research Institute of BOC is responsible for strategic planning & development, macroeconomics and global financial market research, merger & acquisition strategy, offshore RMB development as well as the development of Southeast Asia.

The department also assists senior management in strategy implementation and monitoring, conducts business and market analysis, coordinates RMB business development, formulates regional development strategy, establishes business platforms, develops ESG and digital strategy of the BOCHK Group to achieve its visions and strategic target.

Financial Management Department

Financial Management Department acts as one of the core functional teams in support of the management to implement the group's strategy plan, and ensure the growth and profit are delivered underpinned by sustainable business development platform. It is responsible for:

(i) conducting financial analysis, budget planning, monitoring and controlling;

(ii) coordinating performance evaluation and providing financial information as well as recommendations to facilitate the management’s business decision-making, progress monitoring and management control;

(iii) conducting financial feasibility study for major projects and providing financial advisory services to accomplish the goal of enhancing operational efficiency and profitability;

(iv) supporting ALCO in providing direction on and monitoring of the group's balance sheet composition and capital (including Economic Capital).

General Accounting and Accounting Policy Department

General Accounting and Accounting Policy Department is a team of professionals providing major accounting functions for the Group including financial accounting, regulatory reporting, financial disclosure and product control.

General Accounting and Accounting Policy Department formulates the Group's accounting policies, procedures and workflows to ensure the compliance of relevant regulatory and accounting standards. The department organises financial disclosure matters in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.  Another important role of the department is to prepare and deliver regulatory returns in an accurate and timely manner. The department also performs product control over treasury products and conducts accounting valuation, independent price verification and performs internal control and attribution analysis about accounting valuation to ensure results are reasonable and in compliance with regulatory requirements.  The department coordinates the system requests and UAT of various business systems that may have accounting standard implications. Besides, as the headquarter, the department also coordinates accounting management and services for SEA entities, takes the lead in coordinating SEA entities' requirements of local regulatory reports and internal management reports as well as promotes SEA entities' report automation.

Risk Management Department

Independent of business units, Risk Management Department is responsible for daily management of the Group’s  credit risk, market risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk and special assets.

Risk Management Department takes the responsibility for drafting, reviewing and updating risk management policies and procedures, and providing an independent due diligence of risk identification, measurement, monitoring and control to ensure an effective check and balance.

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology (“IT”) Department of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("BOCHK") comprises of five domains, including Application Development, Data Center, Data Management, Technology & Service Management and Technology Risk Management. The department governs and manages all IT related initiatives and risks covering the entire group, including BOCHK, Southeast Asian entities of BOCHK, Asian and Pacific Data Center of Bank of China, and affiliated organizations and subsidiaries within the BOCHK Group. 

As a strategic partner for various business and supporting units, IT Department aims at supporting and enabling business opportunities by enhancing the systems and improving the efficiency of the operations. Other than technical knowledge, business knowledge is also the key to success. The dedicated information technology experts in the department, including business analysts in different business domain, work closely with business users to make sure that customers can enjoy a wide range of sophisticated products and outstanding services through the platforms and channels at anytime and anywhere. At the same time, efficient, stable and reliable IT service is provided for business operations in local, regional, and global countries.

As the centralized IT governance unit for the group, the department is responsible for the group's IT governance and related policies. On one hand, the department works closely with various business units and implements IT projects to cope with the bank's business development strategy. On the other hand, the department collaborates closely with risk management and compliance to make sure that adequate technology risk control and management oversight is in place.

Innovation and Optimization Centre

Innovation and Optimization Centre, a high-performing team with top-notch individuals and experienced pioneers, is committed to continuously drive business innovations and transformations among the Group. Acting as a crucial department in support of Group’s digital transformation planning and implementation, it takes the lead to push forward the innovation strategies of the Group, specifically for Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia.

Innovation and Optimization Centre works closely with the top management team to formulate comprehensive innovation optimization strategies, keep abreast of global innovation trends, and conduct in-depth research and explore on key issues and directions. The Centre also implement the Proof of Concept for new idea/ product launch if necessary.

In the face of rapidly evolving changes, Innovation and Optimization Centre sets apart from adopting established business processes and taking a great leap forward to adopt "Agile and Design Thinking" in various strategic innovation projects, paving the way for the long-term success of the Group.

Bank-wide Operation Department

Bank-wide Operation Department is in charge of a variety of centralisation / operational activities, including loans, information processing, international payment, financial markets operation, vault management, group customer services, integrated banking services, customer due diligence, trade services, RMB clearing and Southeast Asia operations management. The department acts as an important central point to coordinate and arrange different banking products / services offered to customers. The department strives to improve the efficiency and quality and centralise the Bank's various operations by the means of advanced management methodologies and information technology, as well as process and system enhancement. The department also implemented sound measures to control risks and reduce costs, with an aim to enhance the Bank's overall competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services Department provides comprehensive and reliable supporting service which is comprised of property management, leasing management, general administrative and logistic function, supplies and services procurement as well as security services of BOCHK Group.

Chief Executive's Office

Chief Executive's Office consists of five divisions, namely Secretariat Division, Corporate Communications Division, Brand and Marketing Division, Document Management Division and New Media and Communications.

Secretariat Division provides decision-making support and services to the Senior Management of the Group, and coordinates and monitors the implementation of work requirements laid down by the Senior Management. Corporate Communications Division is responsible for formulating and implementing corporate communications and media relations strategies. Brand and Marketing Division is responsible for formulating and implementing the brand strategy and overseeing the marketing initiatives of the Group. Document Management Division is responsible for managing and archiving documents for the Group,while ensuring the circulation of all documents and information is secure, proper and efficient. New Media and Communications manages the Group's video channel on social-media platform, and facilitates internal communications including those with Parent Bank via internal publications.

Board Secretariat

Board Secretariat reports directly to the Board of Directors (“Board”) and assists the Board in ensuring that the Bank and its holding company BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited have a strong framework of corporate governance in place. Board Secretariat serves as a communication channel linking the Board, Board Committees, Chief Executive, Senior Management, departments directly under Boards' supervision as well as the regulators and the investment community.

Board Secretariat provides full support to the Board, proactively manages the agenda for Board meetings and assists in collecting and arranging information, reports and materials for submission to the Board for its oversight and monitoring of the business activities, operation, risk management and compliance of the Bank. It is responsible to promote and maintain effective communication among the Board, Board Committees, Chief Executive, Senior Management and the regulators. As coordinator and enforcer of Board decisions, it pays close attention to the Board decisions and timely follow-up on the implementation of the Board resolutions and concerns raised by Directors. It is also responsible for assisting the Board and the Bank to comply with applicable rules and regulations including corporate governance codes, bank rules and policies, company laws, relevant securities laws, listing rules and other regulatory requirements and obligations.

While adopting an open and proactive approach in communication with the investment community to enhance transparency, Board Secretariat is committed to ensure that corporate information is disclosed in a fair, equal and timely manner, giving no privilege to any specific analyst or investor.

Human Resources Department

Talents are the most valuable asset and the key to the success of the Group. Human Resources Department is committed to formulating effective human capital management strategies to support the Group's vision and sustainable growth.

As a partner to the business units, the department strives to provide innovative and people-oriented solutions in talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, talent development , talent management and employee relations.

It aims to offer a collaborative and respectful workplace, rewarding and diverse career opportunities to attract and retain talents.

Group Audit

As the third line of defence of the three-line governance framework, Group Audit is responsible for independently and objectively examining and evaluating the BOCHK Group's operations and activities on a risk-based approach to assist the Board of Directors or its designated Audit Committee and the Management in discharging their responsibilities effectively. Group Audit is responsible for the oversight of all major risks, ensuring that the risk management systems regarding tactics, policies, procedures and internal controls are well implemented. On top of performing the assurance function, Group Audit also provides analyses and recommendations regarding the Bank's organisational structure and effectiveness and efficiency of the operational units.

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