Staff Training and Development

At BOCHK, people is our most valuable asset. We invest heavily in people and our aim is to equip our employees with the best knowledge and skills to drive their own development. Under our competitive incentive scheme, we attract, motivate and retain the best talents and together we can achieve a sustainable development.

Stay Competitive and Invest in Our People

Your education continues with our comprehensive training curriculum which comprises leadership and management skills courses to match our business strategies. Learning opportunities are extended under our partnership with famous international institutions, overseas counterparts as well as our parent company, Bank of China. Our external training courses include the EMBA course of the Chinese University in Hong Kong, executive training courses provided by the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, Oxford University in the United Kingdom and Harvard University in the United States.

The Best People Offer the Best Service

Learning and development courses are structured to meet our business needs. Our staff will be given training on business related subjects, new products and systems, special sales techniques, professional qualification attestation arrangement as well as risk and compliance coaching. Post-training assessment will be conducted to ensure that their professional knowledge and skills are at the highest standard. In addition, regulatory requirements will be met with orientation course for key roles within the Bank which includes on-the-job training and qualification assessment. The development of our staff will not stop because we provide continuing education programmes to enrich and deepen their knowledge and skills. Assessment will also be undertaken to ensure that professional services are delivered.

People is the key and the most valuable asset for BOCHK's sustained growth and as such we take our employees' development seriously. In order to help our people grow with us, we are committed to providing all necessary training to improve their professional standard.