Experience Sharing


Kenny Yeung
Head of Strategic Initiative Coordination

Global Corporate Banking Department
Management Trainee 2008

Attitude and Problem Solving Competencies are the Key Successful Factors

Being optimistic towards China’s growth potential, I have decided to join BOCHK’s Graduate Programme (was called the “Officer Trainee Programme”) when I graduated. With two years’ hard work, I was nominated to join the Management Trainee Programme (MT).

Being the Bank’s Management Trainee has meant a lot to me – I enjoyed plentiful of learning opportunities, particularly I could join some remarkable projects of the bank, like the launch of offshore RMB businesses. From 2009 onwards, the launch of the offshore RMB policy has brought tremendous amount of opportunities to the market, but at the same time, a lot of challenges did come along. Indeed, it was a brand new business, and there weren’t any predecessors or prior experiences that we could refer to. Started it from scratch, our team tried to build up the entire offshore RMB business workflow, which has latter become the market standard. Throughout the entire process, I have learned profoundly about the overall operations of the bank and larger financial market. Such experience has been remarkably useful to me when I conducted sales pitches later on, and enabled me to grow professionally.

Attitude and problem solving competencies are the key successful factors. This is the sincere advice I would like to give to all graduates who want to join our Bank. Regardless you are a new joiner or a department head, for sure you would face various kinds of challenges during your work; here, steadfastness in willing to take up challenges, upholding the can-do and sacrificing spirit, are the cornerstone to success.

And now the regional expansion into the South East Asia market has become BOCHK’s new business development strategy. This is definitely a golden opportunity, we all look forward to your participation!


Charles Wong
Senior Business Operations Manager
Bank-wide Operation Department
Management Trainee 2011

BOCHK cherishs every individuals and focus on talent development

I have joined BOCHK since my graduation. Thanks to the all-rounded training Programme offered by the Bank, I was given a lot of opportunities and all of these are definitely helpful in fostering my personal growth and career development.

BOCHK treasures every staff member and devotes lots of resources to talent development. Management Trainee Programme provides mentioring, under which mentors give tremendous support to their respective mentees. I take great pleasure and honour to have a charismatic mentor who generously shared with me his valuable experiences and insights, which gave me countless inspirations for my development.

The department allows me to adopt what I have learnt in the campus to real situation. Also, I was given valuable chance to participate in team leading and HR management. Apart from my daily work, I have joined different CSR activities, such as the charitable and volunteer services. I have benefited a lot from these experiences.

With a clear career development path, I will continue to enhance my professionalism and management skills with the Bank's guidance, and work hard to become a promising managerial executive in the banking industry.

Pinky Choi
Senior Business Strategy Manager
Personal Banking Risk and Integrated Management Department
Management Trainee 2010

Well equip yourself will always pave the way for the future

Since joining the Management Trainee Programme, I have been working in the retail banking sector for over 10 years. The programme was challenging yet fruitful, which meant a lot to me in both career development and personal growth. The rotation training in the early stage, followed by placement training, as well as 1-on-1 mentorship arrangement, all built an effective platform for a freshman to grow rapidly in banking industry.

As a management trainee, I have gained lots of valuable learning opportunities, especially participating in large-scale projects such as the sale of Nanyang Commercial Bank and Chiyu Banking Corporation projects, ASEAN development projects, etc. These provide me exposures to the areas out of retail banking business and strengthen my problem solving and project management skills. Being able to participate in achieving the Bank’s different milestones, I gained a sense of accomplishment upon completion of projects.

Currently I am working in Personal Banking Risk and Integrated Management Department which gives me lots of chances to apply what I have learnt, thus further sharpens my management and leadership skills. In the future, I will continue to equip myself to contribute to our bank as a professional managerial executive.

Well equip yourself will always pave the way for the future. As the retail banking is evolving to a new Era with digital innovations and transformation, all we need is to prepare ourselves to embrace the new opportunities and challenges. We look forward to your joining!