Loan Services

We are committed to helping you develop your business, with a team dedicated to serving SMEs. As your reliable partner for business growth, you can focus on making every day an opportunity. Simply click "Make an Application Now*", and our Relationship Manager will follow up on the application throughout the process.

*Only applicable to SME Financing Guarantee Scheme and BOC “ Small Business Loan” Unsecured Loan. To apply other loan products, please click here.

  • Innovation & Technology and Talent Financing Incentive Scheme

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  • Dedicated 100% Loan Guarantee Scheme for tourism & cross-boundary passenger transport industry

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  • SME Financing Guarantee

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  • Mortgage Loan

  • Trade Finance and Services

  • Overdraft and Accounts
    Receivable Financing

  • Asset-Pledge Loan

  • Machinery and Equipment Financing

  • Syndicated Finance & Acquisition and Structured Finance


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!