IPO Receiving Bank Services

BOCHK provides one-stop IPO Receiving Bank Services, including collection and processing of application forms and payment, and facilitates corporates and institutions in their initial public offering in Hong Kong.

Our quality and professional services include:

  • Distribute prospectuses and application forms;
  • Collect and process completed application forms and application monies (such as via cheques or cashier orders) for subscription of new shares;
  • Recycle application monies through the inter-bank money market; and
  • Arrange refund for unsuccessful or partially successful applications after allotment of shares.

Our competitive edge:

Extensive distribution network

BOCHK possesses the most extensive branch network in  Hong Kong, spanning the commercial and residential areas throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Corporates or institutions can select our branches as designated outlets based on their preferences for distribution of prospectuses to personal investors and collection of application forms.

A wealth of Receiving Bank experience

We have built up our expertise over the years as a receiving bank for the majority of mega IPOs. Our expert team works closely with both front-line and operational staff to deliver quality services for corporates and institutions in their initial public offering in Hong Kong.

Premier choice for H-share listing projects

Our expert team has sound knowledge of the financial markets as well as the legal rules and regulations in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China, supported by a wealth of practical experiences in major H-share listing projects. We are the premier choice for nominee and account management services for the H-share listing projects of corporates.

Strong financing capability

We maintain good relationships with major securities brokers and offer them efficient and competitive IPO financing solutions. Personal customers can subscribe for IPO and apply for IPO financing through our branches, internet banking and mobile banking.

Important Notice

Risk Disclosure

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Risk Disclosure of Securities Trading

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