Import Services

From our wide range of import trade solutions, please select the one that suits your needs.

L/C Issuance

Which is the best payment method to protect the interests of a buyer?

A Letter of Credit (L/C) is the best payment instrument to protect the interests of both the buyer and the supplier in trade transactions. Based on your instructions, we are pleased to issue L/Cs on your behalf to your beneficiary (i.e. your supplier / seller / exporter). In addition, our dedicated trade services staff will carefully check the relevant documents for you. Payment or acceptance is subject to the compliance of terms and conditions stipulated in the L/C and acceptance of any discrepancies.

Back to Back L/C

As a middleman, how can you profit from trade without disclosing the identity or details of your ultimate buyer and supplier?

A Back-to-back L/C safeguards your interests as a middleman by refraining from the disclosure of the identity/details of your supplier to your customers and vice versa. You simply provide us with the original L/C (called "master L/C") and we will issue another L/C involving the same lot of goods (called "baby L/C") to the supplier. Our trade services professionals will then coordinate the handling of import and export documents so you can focus on your business.

Import Bills for Collection

Do you and your suppliers consider L/C issuance to be bothersome?

Import collection is a simpler alternative to L/Cs. When your suppliers send the documents to us through their bankers, we will inform you immediately. Documents are released to you when your supplier's payment terms are fulfilled.

There are two types of import collection, namely:

Documents against payment (D/P), where we will release the documents to you against full payment;

Documents against acceptance (D/A), where we will release the documents to you against acceptance of the bill of exchange (draft) guaranteeing payment at a later date. Also, D/A allows you to examine the goods before effecting payment.

Import Loan

Do you want to take possession of goods or obtain shipping documents without making immediate payment under Import Collection?

Our import loan service allows you to get your goods or documents under import collection in the event that you do not have sufficient liquidity to settle a payment immediately.

Shipping Guarantee

Do you want to take delivery of goods prior to the arrival of shipping documents?

Whenever the goods arrive prior to your receipt of shipping documents, we can help you take delivery of goods by countersigning the shipping guarantee to the shipping company. This allows you to avoid demurrage charges and possible losses due to deterioration of goods.

Trust Receipt Facilities

Do you want to take possession of goods and/or shipping documents under a Letter of Credit before payment?

We can offer you Trust Receipt Facilities, against which you can take possession of goods for sale or further processing and / or obtain shipping documents. Repayment can be made by the trust receipt due date, providing you with more financial flexibility.

Import Invoice Financing

Can you get financing when purchasing goods from a supplier on an open account basis?

Even if you are trading on an open account basis, you can obtain financing from us by presenting your supplier's invoice.

Our Trade Services Centre is located at 9/F Bank of China Centre, Olympian City, 11 Hoi Fai Road, West Kowloon Hong Kong (Business hotline: (852) 3988 2288).


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