China Express Accidental Emergency Medical Plan

For those of you who travel frequently to the Mainland for business or pleasure, it is important for you to protect yourself against unexpected accidents and to minimise the risk from shortfall of money on hospital admission for emergency medical treatments.

Bank of China Group Insurance Company Limited ("BOCG Insurance") understands your needs and is delighted to present "China Express Accidental Emergency Medical Plan" (the "Plan"). In case of accidents that require emergency medical treatment in the Mainland, upon presentation of the Plan's medical card (hereinafter called "China Express Card"), you are entitled to hospital admission deposit guarantee. If you are admitted to an appointed hospital under our Hospital Network, all medical expenses insured under your policy will be paid by BOCG Insurance directly to the hospital.

Product highlights 

  • Extensive Hospital Network throughout the Mainland of China

    Our accidental emergency medical service is covered by about 250 appointed hospitals throughout the Mainland. (The appointed hospitals under our Hospital Network include 3-A General Hospitals and Specialty Hospitals which are graded in accordance with the "Standard of Classification Management of General Hospital" defined by Ministry of Health, the People's Republic of China. For an updated list of appointed hospitals, please visit BOCG Insurance website. (

  • Immediate medical treatment

    In case of accidents happened in the Mainland, simply present the applicable "China Express Card" at the appointed hospitals and you will receive immediate hospital admission and treatment upon validity check by the appointed hospital with the 24-hour emergency assistance hotline. All medical expenses insured under your policy will be paid by BOCG Insurance directly to the hospital. If you are admitted to a hospital outside the Hospital Network, the Plan will provide hospital admission deposit guarantee to avoid any delay in receiving emergency medical treatment.

  • No limitation on age, occupation, number of trips and duration of stay

    Holders (including his/her family1) of the Hong Kong Identity Card, Macau Identity Card, Permit for Taiwan Compatriot or Foreign Passport (except PRC passport holders) regardless of age and occupation, are eligible to enroll. What's more, there is no limitation on the number of trips and duration of stay in the Mainland.

  • Free coverage for child(ren)2 under the Family Plan

    You can enjoy discount on premium and free coverage for child(ren)with the Family Plan.

  • Comprehensive protection and services

    This plan offers all-round additional protections including follow up medical expenses (including bone-setter, chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy expenses) within 30 days after discharged from hospital; accidental death or permanent disablement; death from sudden sickness; luggage loss and 24-hour emergency assistance service.

  • "China Express Card" offers two plans:

    • Annual Plan
      Gold Card: applicable to all appointed hospitals in the Mainland.
      Silver Card: applicable to the appointed hospitals in Guangdong and Fujian Provinces.
    • Short Period Plan
      Standard Card: applicable to all appointed hospitals in the Mainland.

Summary of Coverage

Coverage Maximum Benefits5
(HK$) (calculated on per event and per insured person basis)
A. Accidental Emergency Medical  
1. Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses: provide emergency medical expenses for the insured person suffering from bodily injury arising from accidental, external and visible nature and result in emergency medical treatment at an appointed hospital under the Hospital Network (including out-patient and in-patient medical expenses; if the Family Plan is in effect, maximum benefit for each child is HK$50,000). 300,000
2. Follow up medical expenses: follow up medical expenses arising from the same accident within 30 days after discharged in any of appointed hospitals of the Hospital Network in the Mainland or after returning to Hong Kong SAR, including bone-setter (HK$100 / day and up to HK$500 maximum); chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy (HK$150 / day and up to HK$1,000 maximum) expenses. (If the Family Plan is in effect, the maximum benefit for each child is 50% that of the adult). 3,000
B. Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement3
(If the Family Plan is in effect, maximum benefit for each child is HK$50,000)

C. Death from Sudden Sickness
(within 24 hours)
D. Luggage Loss
(applicable to luggage in transit by authorised carriers only, maximum benefit HK$1,000 per item and HK$200 excess per event )

E. 24-hour Emergency Assistance Services
(All expenses must have the prior approval and services rendered must be arranged directly by the Emergency Assistance Service Company. The insured person should call the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline to get assistance)
1. Emergency Medical Assistance Services
a. Medical emergency evacuation or repatriation, and return of mortal remains / ashes after accidental death Unlimited
b. Compassionate visit4 (1 round trip economy class air ticket and hotel accommodation of up to HK$1,000 per day) 60,000
c. Return of unattended dependent child(ren) to Hong Kong SAR or repatriation of the insured person after treatment 1 one-way air ticket
(economy class)
d. Repatriation of the insured person after treatment 1 one-way air ticket
(economy class)
e. Hospital admission deposit guarantee (applicable to all hospitals outside the Hospital Network in the Mainland) 50,000
2. Hotline Assistance Services (24-hour multi-language emergency assistance hotline services including medical service advice, visa requirement, pre-trip assistance, travel, hospital network, emergency itinerary arrangement information, hospital admission, embassy / interpreter / legal referral, lost luggage assistance, luggage transfer and so on. For details, please refer to the policy.) -

Premium (HK$)

Short Period Plan /
Geographical Coverage
Annual Plan /
Geographical Coverage

Coverage Period

Standard Card
(applicable to all provinces in the Mainland of China)

Coverage Period

Gold Card
(applicable to all provinces in the Mainland of China)
Silver Card
(applicable to Guangdong and Fujian provinces)
Individual Family1 Individual Family1 Individual Family1
14 days 100 180 1 year 580 1,040 330 590
30 days 160 280 2 years 980 1,750 580 1,040
60 days 220 390 3 years 1,380 2,480 830 1,480



  1. Family means the insured person, his/her legally married spouse and (all) child(ren).

  2. Child(ren) means unmarried child(ren) below the age of 18.

  3. If the insured person at the time of the accident is engaging in any dangerous work causing accidental death or permanent total disablement, apart from HK$30,000 accident allowance, no benefit shall be payable (this allowance is not applicable to insured child(ren) of the Family Plan). Dangerous work includes taking part in performing entertainment or film / television production (e.g. producer, actor and etc), stuntman or martial acts fighter; driving commercial vehicle including lorry, crane truck, coach and so on; working at height exceeding 30 feet above the ground or floor level or excavations in any part of a depth 20 feet from the surface; working on board, terminal, or construction site; using of machinery driven by steam, gas or other mechanical power or machinery for cutting or pressing metal or plastic.

  4. The insured person has to stay in the hospital for over three consecutive days.

  5. If the Family Plan is in effect, the maximum benefits payable to each covered item shall not exceed 200% in aggregate of the amount of each individual item (it is not applicable to items A & E).

Geographical Coverage

The Mainland of China (excluding Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan Region)

Auto-Renewal Service (only applicable to Annual Plan)

Once your application is approved by BOCG Insurance and if you do not receive any notice of amendment on renewal terms by BOCG Insurance before the expiry date of your policy year (depending on your selected coverage period), just simply pay the required premium for the coming policy year, and your policy will be renewed automatically.

Major Exclusions (For details, please refer to the policy)

  • Travel against the advice of a medical practitioner or for the sole purpose of obtaining medical treatment, physical defect, pre-existing illness or injury, venereal disease or HIV and/or HIV related illness including AIDS, insanity, pregnancy, childbirth, dystocia, abortion or miscarriage;
  • War, military, act of hostile, civil war, strikes, rebellion, act of terrorism, nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation;
  • Participating in dangerous activities e.g. diving, parachuting, mountaineering, hunting, digging over, professional sports, engaging in air travel etc;
  • Engaging service in the military, police or forces;
  • Taking part in any illegal act or activities, suicide, after the liquor drives, alcoholism, intoxication or abuse of drugs.

Claim Procedure

  • Accidental Emergency Medical

    1. If the insured person is admitted to an appointed hospital of the Hospital Network as an in-patient due to an accident, the insured person is not required to pay any hospital admission deposit provided that he/she presents an applicable "China Express Card" to the hospital for admission. BOCG Insurance will settle the relevant medical expenses not exceeding the maximum coverage insured under the policy to the appointed hospital directly. The insured person shall be responsible for the payment of any medical expenses which exceed the maximum coverage of the selected plan or are not covered in the policy.
    2. If the insured person is admitted to a hospital as an out-patient due to an accident or without presenting an applicable "China Express Card", the insured person is required to pay the emergency medical expenses by his/her own. The insured person should submit a completed BOCG Insurance claim form within 30 days after discharge from the hospital, together with the original payment receipts issued by the hospital, the original medical certificate issued by the attending medical practitioner, and the original report issued by the official authorities concerned or any evidence of the alleged accident.
    3. If the incident is found not to be covered under the policy after hospital admission, all incurred expenses shall be immediately paid by the insured person and all hospital admission guarantee fee and relevant expenses shall be refunded to BOCG Insurance.
  • Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement

    1. A written notice of claim shall be submitted by the insured person or claimant to BOCG Insurance within 60 days after the date of the accident.
    2. Insured person or claimant must complete and sign the claim form and provide BOCG Insurance with the original supporting documents of injury due to the accident including medical reports issued by a medical practitioner giving details on the nature of injury and the extent of disability, evidence from the official authorities concerned such as police reports, and original of the death certificate and the relevant coroner's report if death shall have resulted.
  • Emergency Assistance Service

    In the event of an accident, you can receive emergency medical treatment at the nearest hospital by immediately calling the 24-hour emergency assistance hotline. The alarm centre would confirm your request of assistance and promptly verify the validity of the "China Express Card".

Important Notes

  • Proposed insured must be aged 18 or above.
  • After receiving the "China Express Card", please check the name printed on the card carefully. The name should be the same as the one on your China Re-entry Permit or valid travel document.
  • Please ensure to bring along your "China Express Card" with your China Re-entry Permit or valid travel document when travelling to the Mainland.
  • Written notice shall be given to BOCG Insurance to report lost "China Express Card" or to change personal information. Handling fee for issuance of a replacement card is HK$100.
  • The policy shall be effective after 7 working days upon receipt and approval of the enrolment by BOCG Insurance (not applicable to Short Period Plan).
  • If cancellation happens during policy effective period, the proposed insured should notify BOCG Insurance in writing 30 days before the expiry of the policy year and return the "China Express Card" and the policy to BOCG Insurance, the unused premium of the policy will be refunded in accordance to the below conditions:
    • For short period or one-year insurance plan: no premium will be refunded during the effective period of the policy;
    • For two-year insurance plan: if cancellation happens in the first year, premium of the second year will be refunded. If cancellation happens in the second year, no premium will be refunded.
    • For three-year insurance plan: if cancellation happens in the first year, premium of the second and the third year will be refunded. If cancellation happens in the second year, premium of the third year will be refunded. If cancellation happens in the third year, no premium will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This Plan is underwritten by Bank of China Group Insurance Company Limited ("BOCG Insurance").
  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (“BOCHK”) is an appointed insurance agent of BOCG Insurance for distribution of this Plan. This Plan is a product of BOCG Insurance but not BOCHK.
  • In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between BOCHK and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, BOCHK is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the contractual terms of this Plan should be resolved between directly BOCG Insurance and the customer.
  • BOCG Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority to carry on general insurance business in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
  • BOCG Insurance reserves the right to accept or decline any application for the Plan based on the information provided by the insured and applicant at the time of application.
  • BOCG Insurance reserves the right to amend or withhold any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The plan is governed by the terms and conditions in the relevant policy document. Detailed terms and conditions are subject to the official policy document issued by BOCG Insurance. Please refer to the relevant policy document for the details of the insured items and coverage, provisions and exclusions.

The Insurance Authority (“IA”) will collect premium levy from the policyholder at the applicable rate. In order to avoid any legal consequences, the policyholder must pay to the insurance company a prescribed levy for the premium for direct remittance to the IA. The levy amount may be subject to change depending on the applicable rate. For details, please visit IA's website