SME Green Financing Incentive Scheme

BOCHK has been actively promoting green and sustainable development, as well as launching numerous green financial products and services. In addition, BOCHK joins hands with all sectors of society to combat challenges of climate and environmental change, thereby propelling low-carbon and sustainable economic development in Hong Kong.

To encourage SMEs to allocate resources to achieve sustainable development, BOCHK offers “SME Green Financing Incentive Scheme” under which eligible SME Corporate Customers can enjoy loan handling fee waiver.

SME Green Financing Incentive Scheme
Target Customer SME of all industries
Eligibility Loan application which satisfies green project requirements and a green assessment or certification is obtained from a qualified assessment organisation
Loan Type Term Loan
Promotion Offer

First HK$10,000,000 loan handling fee waiver of

up to HK$50,000

Promotion Period Until 31 December 2023


Below are some examples of green loan projects:

  Category Example
1 Energy efficiency Industrial energy efficiency, green architecture and green infrastructure, etc.
2 Pollution prevention and control Facilities and operations for reduction and control of polluted air emissions, greenhouse gas and waste management and operation, etc.
3 Resources Saving and Recycling Waste reduction and recycling, waste-to-energy conversion, waste-to-product conversion, product and technology development for eco efficiency and circular economy, etc.
4 Sustainable water resources Sustainable infrastructure for clean water, sewage management, and drainage systems for urban cities, etc.
5 Sustainable or Green Transport Infrastructure and operation for green transportation and railway, purchase of green public vehicle, obsolescence of old ship and replacement of new ship which conforms to international standards, etc. 
6 Renewable energy Smart or intelligent grid, wind power, hydropower and solar energy, etc. 
7 Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation Protection of coastal, marine and watershed environments, infrastructure and operation of farming, agriculture and fishery and aquaculture industries, etc.
8 Respond to climate change  Pre-disaster prevention for emergency services. 


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Corporate Customer shall provide a green assessment or certification by a qualified assessment organisation which are approved by BOCHK during the application of “Green Financing Incentive Scheme” in order to enjoy fee waiver offer (“The Offer”). BOCHK will review the list of qualified assessment organisations at any time without prior notice. BOCHK reserves the sole discretion about the Offer.
  2. Corporate Customer shall provide BOCHK with the proof of their green project, including but not limited to project contract, purchase order of machinery or quotation of machinery, etc.
  3. Corporate Customer shall provide BOCHK with the green assessment or certification before drawdown of the term loan.
  4. The Offer will be deducted from the loan handling fee.

The above products, services and promotional offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions of BOCHK. For more details, please contact BOCHK staff. BOCHK reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the above products, services and offers, and amend their relevant terms and conditions at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of BOCHK shall be final.

BOCHK reserves the right to approve and reject the loan application at its absolute discretion. The actual loan amount, interest rate, handling fee and applicable terms and conditions are subject to BOCHK final approval.