As a well-established global custodian and a proven escrow agent in the institutional banking space, BOCHK is ready to extend its quality services to cover various issuers and intermediaries in debt capital markets by leveraging on its strong clientele, partnership with key stakeholders, and also in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements and policies.

For all sorts of notes and bonds which are settled in international or local central securities depositaries, BOCHK will act as agent and/or trustee of such instruments to help issuers and their professional intermediaries navigate through the whole process, from pre-issuance to the maturity of a debt instrument.

BOCHK renders trustee, agency and related services in connection with the issuance, administration, coupon payment, redemption, transfer or recordkeeping of debt instruments; as well as escrow services for loan structuring, M&A activities or other scenarios.

Please contact us via email at cta@bochk.com.