iGTB, the intelligent Global Transaction Banking Platform, assists you to manage operating accounts in a smarter way. iGTB NET provides full spectrum of transaction banking services with interactive online experience, including account enquiry, payment, payroll, account receivable management, liquidity management, e-commerce, factoring, supply chain finance and information management.

New interface with Graphic Visualisation

Customer Experience Oriented

  • Comprehensive data displayed via dashboard and card-view features

  • Easy access to your accounts information across BOC group for effective enquires and cash flow management

  • Enrich the account information with real time display of multi-currencies account balance, e-advice download, beneficiary advice etc.

  • Support 54 international currencies remittance, including 17 major currencies and 37 non-major currencies

  • Enhanced control center, real time transaction monitoring through “Work Queue”

  • Live chat through Online Customer Service

Customer Experience Journey Videos

Click here to watch the demonstration videos, each video in 2-3 minutes, for more details about the features and functions of iGTB. Let us help to get started with iGTB.