BOCHK New Trade Customers Rewards

In order to support the import and export trade development of Hong Kong, BOCHK initiates "BOCHK New Trade Customers Rewards" Promotion. Customers who successfully open a new bills account from 3rd June, 2024 to 31st October, 2024 (both dates inclusive) shall enjoy double reward when conducting designated trade transactions during the Promotion Period.

Promotion Introduction

Promotion Period

From 2024/6/3 to 2024/12/31 (both dates inclusive)

Promotion Details

Reward (1):

New trade customers who conduct designated trade transactions are eligible for a 30% basic reduction in specified commission.


Reward (2):

If new trade customers submit and successfully conduct designated trade transaction applications through specified online channels under iGTB、Contour、Effitrade and GSBN, they can enjoy an additional 20% reduction in specified commission.


Enjoy up to 50% reduction in specified commission for each designated trade transaction.

Scope of designated trade transactions

• General L/C Issuance

• Back-to-Back L/C Issuance

• L/C Transfer Issuance

• Guarantee Issuance

• Standby L/C Issuance

• Export L/C Advising

• Export Bills Collection

• Export Bills Advance

• Import Bills for Collection (D/P)

• Import Loan (D/P)

• Import Invoice Financing

• Export Invoice Discounting

• Packing Loan

• Pre-shipment Financing

• Supply Chain Pre-shipment Financing

• Shipping Guarantee


Remarks: Please refer to Terms and Conditions for the details.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

* Subject to Bank’s final approval