BOC Taobao World Mastercard

Taobao Mastercard makes your Taobao World unimpeded. You can also enjoy offers on travelling and online shopping. Smart use once you know how to use! Let’s treasure hunt and discover spending pleasure together!

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Product Exclusive Offers
(Promotion Period from now to 31 December 2022)

Enjoy “Tao”!

No Handling Fee for spending at Taobao

  • Enjoy unlimited 0% handling fee for spending at Taobao*, avoid the inconvenience of topping up account and earn Gift Point at the same time
  • Annual Taobao large-scale sales promotion and irregular promotion activities


Take spending of HK$2,000 at Taobao every month as an example, save up to HK$600 each year!

Taobao Handling Fee General Credit Card
(2.5% as an example)
BOC Taobao World Mastercard (0%)
Every month HK$50


HK$0 Handling Fee

Each year HK$600

*Applicable to “Taobao Mobile” APP or spending via AlipayHK APP on Taobao web (

Easily binding Taobao Card in just a few steps. Enjoy 0% handling fee offer with convenient and fast payment!

Let's see how to bind your Taobao Card!

Card Binding Tutorial


Easy Online Shopping!

Extra Cashback

  • No overseas handling fee for overseas online shopping, greatly save shopping expenses*


Take following overseas spending as an example#, save up to HK$400!

Purchasing famous brand clothing on online overseas merchants^ Ordering music streaming platform^ Online Hotel package, flight ticket booking^ Other overseas spending
Spending Amount (HK$)
$2,500 $88 $8,000 $10,000
General Credit Card (e.g. 1.95%) Handling Fee
$48 $1.7 $156 $195
BOC Taobao World Mastercard (0%) Handling Fee
HK$0 Handling Fee

* 1.95% overseas spending handling fee for Mastercard Credit Card
^ Applicable to overseas-registered online merchants
# Example as reference only and subject to individual merchant setting


  • Earn extra cashback by making online purchases in over hundreds online merchants in Mastercard Travel Rewards platform

Cashback at your fingertips!

Discover Merchant Offers



Relaxing Travel!

No Handling Fee for overseas spending

  • 0% handling fee for overseas spending. Allow you to save travel expenses and have a relax travel

* 1.95% overseas spending handling fee for Mastercard Credit Card


Terms and Conditions of Product Offer

Welcome Offer

New Customers can enjoy up to HK$400 Cash Rebate!

  • 10% Cash Rebate for Mobile Spending: Make retail transactions through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay (Maximum HK$300 Cash Rebate)
  • Extra HK$100 Cash Rebate: Successfully apply through online application platform


Terms and Conditions of Welcome Offer

Terms and Conditions of Online Application Extra Welcome Gift

Mastercard Travel Rewards

Cashback at your fingertips!

In Mastercard Travel Rewards platform, you can enjoy cashback for spending in over hundreds of renowned local and overseas online shopping brands!


<Partial Online Shopping Offers as below>

For rebate offer details and usage conditions, please visit


Mastercard Travel Rewards Program (“The Program”) is subject to Terms and Conditions of BOC Credit Card (International) Limited (“the Company”), Mastercard Travel Rewards and each individual Merchant (“Participating Merchant”). The applicable participating merchant list, offer details and its Terms and conditions are subject to information published on the Mastercard Travel Rewards website. No notice is provided otherwise for any change to such information. Prior to making transaction, Cardholders shall visit Mastercard Travel Rewards website to understand the then-current applicable terms and conditions, Mastercard Privacy Policy and other promotion information listed on Mastercard Travel Rewards. Mastercard Asia / Pacific Pte Ltd and its affiliates and service providers (“Mastercard”) are the provider of Mastercard Travel Rewards and the Program is not provided by the Company.

The Company and Mastercard are not the service provider of any participating merchants and not assume any responsibility for the products and services offered under Mastercard Travel Rewards.


Promotion page for Mastercard Travel Rewards Program

Terms and Conditions for Mastercard Travel Rewards Program

World Mastercard Privileges

Enjoy exclusive World Mastercard offers#

  • You can enjoy an array of fabulous offers from travelling, dining, shopping to personal concierge service and entertainment, which are exclusively for you.

Offer Details

#For details, please visit The offer is provided by Mastercard and subject to related Terms and Conditions.
BOC Credit Card (International) Ltd (the "Company") accepts no liability for the quality of or any other matters relating to the products and services provided by Mastercard and the merchants. The merchants are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to the products and services on offer. The Company, Mastercard and the merchants reserve the right to suspend, change, or terminate the offers or amend the offer terms and conditions at their sole discretion without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of the Company, Mastercard and the merchants.

Other Privileges

  • Annual Fee Offer
    Perpetual annual fee waiver for main and additional cards of BOC Taobao World Mastercard


  • Easy to Earn and Redeem Gift Points
    You can earn 1 Gift Point upon HK$1 spending with your card and redeem your Gift Points from a wide range of rewards. Please click here for details of Gift Point Rewards Program


  • Contactless Payment Function
    BOC Taobao World Mastercard with the contactless payment function provides you with hassle-free card spending worldwide where Mastercard contactless is accepted. Simply tap the card against the reader to settle any transaction of HK1,000 or below without the need of signature verification. For details, please visit

For details, please call our 24-hour Promotion Hotline: (852) 2108 3288.


Terms and Conditions are applicable to the above offers and services, and are subject to change without prior notice.


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!