Securities Firms

BOCHK, equipped with the experienced securities business team, provides tailor-made financial solutions, including cash management, credit facilities and custodian services, to help you capture every business opportunity.

By maintaining business relationship with over 270 overseas and local securities firms, we have solid industry experience to support your business development.


  • Being the pioneer of custodian service provider in Hong Kong, we have experienced custodian professionals and extensive global network, and thus can provide you with comprehensive asset custodian service.
  • With our strong fund position and diversified cash management solutions, we can provide you with a wide range of financial service facilities.
  • As the pioneer in RMB business in Hong Kong, we have profound experience in RMB business and extensive branch network which enable us to help you enjoy comprehensive cross-border RMB services.

A Comprehensive Range of Innovative Financial Services

  • Cash Management: We provide sub-account services for you to enjoy  real time account reconciliation and efficient fund management via our extensive branch network and CBS Online.
  • Financing Service: We provide tailor-made financing services, such as IPO financing, mortgage financing and settlement facilities to enhance your cash flow and funding position.
  • Custodian Service: We are the pioneer of custodian service providers for RQFII funds, offshore RMB public funds, QDII fund, as well as escrow account services. We are also one of the rare custodian service providers in Hong Kong in the areas of non-listed equity and debt investments.


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Important Notice

Risk Disclosure of RMB Investment and Conversion

  • RMB investments are subjects to exchange rate fluctuations which may provide both opportunities and risks.  The fluctuation in the exchange rate of RMB may result in losses in the event that the customer converts RMB into HKD or other foreign currencies.
  • RMB is currently not fully freely convertible. Corporate customers who intend to conduct conversion of RMB through banks may occasionally not be able to do so fully or immediately, for which it is subject to the RMB position of the banks and their commercial decisions at that moment. Customers should consider and understand the possible impact on their liquidity of RMB funds in advance.

Risk Disclosure

The following risk disclosure statements cannot disclose all the risks involved. You should undertake your own research and study before you trade or invest. You should carefully consider whether trading or investment is suitable in light of your own financial position and investment objectives. You are advised to seek independent financial and professional advice before you trade or invest. You should seek independent professional advice if you are uncertain of or have not understood any aspect of the following risk disclosure statements or the nature and risks involved in trading or investment.

Risk Disclosure of Securities Trading

  • The prices of securities fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of a security may move up or down, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling securities.
  • This promotional material does not constitute any offer, solicitation, recommendation, comment or any guarantee to the purchase or sale of any investment product or service.
  • This promotional material is issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and the contents have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.