Autopay-In Service

The BOCHK Autopay-In service helps companies to collect designated payments from designated accounts on time (such as monthly collection of bill payment, or membership fee) in an efficient way.

Service Benefits

Lower costs and Flexible

  • You can lower the transaction costs by using Autopay-In Services compared with other collection methods.
  • You can submit the collection via internet banking or other channels and pre-set the value date and amount for each collection instruction which allows the system to execute the instruction on time.

Efficient and Access to information

  • The amount transferred from accounts of BOCHK Group or other local banks will be credited to your account, with convenience and efficiency.
  • You can download the transaction data file via electronic channel to check the bill payment transaction.

Other Corporate Collection Management Solutions

To find out more, please call the Cash Management Services Hotline +852 3988 1288.