Cash Collection Service

BOCHK provides corporate customers with a tailor-made Bulk Cash Deposit Service. You can assign a professional security service provider to collect cash with designated locations and schedules and to deposit your account with BOCHK in a secure and efficient way.

Service Benefits

Lower Cost and Secure

  • Your time and cost can be saved from lining up for depositing cash at branches.
  • Your branches will be freed from the hassles of storing large amount of cash, which helps you to lower the security risk.

Flexible and Efficient

  • You can pre-arrange locations and schedules for a professional security service provider to collect cash on time.

Access to information, Support Multi-currencies

  • You can download transaction data files via electronic channels for easy reconciliation.
  • Support deposit and exchange transaction of different currencies, including HKD, RMB, USD etc.

Other Corporate Collection Management Solutions

To find out more, please call the Cash Management Services Hotline +852 3988 1288.