Payment Collection Service

BOCHK Payment Collection Service provides corporate customers with one-stop, diverse collection channels that allows payers to pay bills easily, aimed at helping you to minimise administrative cost and to receive funds efficiently. By choosing BOCHK Payment Collection Service, you could enjoy the following banking services and benefits.

Merchant Presented QR Code Service

Merchant may present QR Code to payers. Payers can use any mobile app of banks or Store Value Facilities (SVF) which supports the Faster Payment Service (FPS) common QR Code specification to scan the QR Code and pay to the merchant. The Bank will provide real time notification and comprehensive transaction data file for merchant's reconciliation.

BOCHK has upgraded the FPS QR Code Collection service to support Hong Kong Thailand cross-border FPS payment service.  BOCHK FPS merchants can automatically enjoy the upgraded service and no additional application or update of the current FPS QR code system is required.  Thai tourists can make HKD payment to Merchants by scanning QR code and Merchants will receive real time payment notifications. The collection file will also record relevant transactions to allow merchant to reconcile the transaction easily.

FPS App-to-App Service

FPS App-to-App is a pure mobile application solution, payer can make instant payments via mobile banking or e-wallet after shopping online anytime, anywhere.

Payer can make purchases in your merchant App, instantly trigger the payment App(s) that support the FPS App-to-App function, and return to your merchant App after the payment is completed.

FPS Direct Debit Service

BOCHK FPS real time Direct Debit Service, satisfies various business needs. After obtaining Payer’s consent, merchant can submit simplified direct debit authorization instruction to establish direct debit authorization at payer’s bank, and initiate direct debit to the payer’s account via FPS. It is a convenient payment collection solution for online payment or account top up.

Internet Banking

BOCHK's personal and corporate internet banking platforms both provide bill payment services for you to collect payments from payers anytime, anywhere.

Widespread user bases

  • Our widespread user bases of both personal and corporate internet banking allow you to collect bill payment efficiency.

Support Multi-currency

  • HKD, USD and RMB payment transactions are accepted to meet your different business needs.

Access to collection information

  • You can pre-set payment reference for validity checking.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service

BOCHK Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service provide bill presentment and bill payment collection service for corporate customers. Corporate can disseminate e-bill to and collect payments from personal and corporate payers of the subscribing banks through BOCHK. Charity organisations can also collect donation from and send e-donation receipt to the donors with this Service.

Consolidated Platform

  • Payer can consolidate all bills in one platform which will encourage payer to migrate to e-bills.

Multi-currency support

  • HKD, USD and RMB payment transactions are accepted to meet diverse business needs.

Cost savings

  • Manual processing cost and postage fee can be saved compared to traditional bill distribution method.

Bill Account Number Validation

  • Provide bill account number validation function to enhance collection accuracy.

E-Drop Box Bill Payment Service

Flexible and Convenient:

  • Your payer can make bill payment anytime and anywhere via BOCHK website ( or BOCHK Mobile Application
  • No need to login; only need to make the bill payment with e-Cheque(s) issued by any local bank and bill information provided by merchant


Late Cut-off Time for Same-day Processing:

  • The cut-off time extends to 21:00 (Monday to Friday)1 – e-Cheque bill payment instruction(s) before cut-off time will have same-day processing, allowing you to collect receivables timely
  • If the e-Cheque deposited is issued by BOCHK, the fund can be available for use at 10:00am2 on the next business day after the e-Cheque is cleared, allowing you to enjoy more flexibility in fund allocation


24 Hours Online Enquiry and Easy Reconciliation:

  • You can login Internet Banking and enjoy 24 hour enquiry service of the bill payment transaction(s), e-Cheque file(s) and rejected/returned cheque advice (e-Cheque) (if any)
  • Daily transaction reports, data files and e-Cheque files are provided for your easy reconciliation


Electronic and Paperless:

  • Save the administrative cost for handling paper cheque
  • Avoid collecting expired, invalid e-Cheque(s) as system checking is in real time
  • Minimize wrong input of bill number by payer with built-in checksum logic



1.      The cut-off time of same-day handling is 21:00 (except Saturdays and public holidays). Deposit instruction of e-Cheque(s)/e-Cashier’s Order(s) after the cut-off time will be handled on next clearing day. Please note that, if the transaction needs additional manual checking (e.g., the beneficiary of e-Cheque(s)/e-Cashier’s Order(s) is not entirely consistent with the account name), the cut-off time is 18:00 (except Saturdays and public holidays). The cut-off time of the service may be updated from time to time, please refer to the latest materials released by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”).

2.      Subject to conditions such as that e-Cheque is successfully cleared.

Cheque Deposit Machine Self Service Payment

BOCHK's network of Cheque Deposit Machines allows payers to submit cheques easily saving the hassles of mailing, which helps corporates to collect payment with security and efficiency.

Extensive Network and Efficiency

  • Our network of Cheque Deposit Machines is extensive, with easy-to-use touch-screen interface, which allows payers to use easily.
  • Some designated Cheque Deposit Machines provide 7x24 payment service^.

Flexible Payment and Easy reconciliation:

  • Cheques in different currencies are accepted, including HKD, RMB or USD
  • Cheque Deposit Machines provide Advice Slip with the cheque image as a reference for payees.
  • Up to 30 cheques in the same currency can be deposited each time.

^ The 24-hour Cheque Deposit Machine and Bill Payment Service is only available at designated Cheque Deposit Machines.

Retail Networks

Corporate customers can collect payment through our allied retail shops which allow payers to pay bills with convenience and efficiency.

Extensive coverage

  • Bills are collected by our allied retail shops that have extensive network.
  • Collection service is provided 24 / 7 (working hours of designated retail shops, depended on the retail shop).

Efficient and Convenient

  • You can save the cost of establishing your own collection counters and avoid the risk of handling cash.
  • Retail outlets will check payment reference (QR code) for validity before accepting payment, which enhances the accuracy of the collection process.

Easy reconciliation

  • You can download the transaction data file via electronic channel to check the bill payment transaction.

Branch Counter Collection Service

BOCHK's* extensive branch network provides corporates with convenient and secure collection services.

Extensive branch network

  • We have more than 200 branches and other service centers in Hong Kong to allow payers to make payment at counter with security and efficiency.

Flexible collection methods

  • Provide corporates with diverse collection methods, including cash, cheque and fund transfers between accounts with BOCHK group, to meet your needs of collection for different businesses

Rapid funds availability

  • Same day value credit for cash deposits and interbank transfers from within the BOCHK Group into your BOCHK account to bring you more efficiency and convenience.

* The BOCHK Group comprises BOCHK, Nanyang Commercial Bank and Chiyu Banking Corporation.

JET Payment Service

Corporate customers can choose JET Payment Service which allows payees of Jetco's member banks to pay bills via ATMs with Jet Payment function.

Extensive network and Efficiency

  • With the extensive network of Jetco ATMs, payees of BOCHK and other member banks of Jetco can make payment in an efficient and convenient way.
  • A 7x24 payment service can be provided with JETCO, the largest ATM network provider in Hong Kong.

Access to information

  • You can download transaction data files via electronic channels for easy reconciliation.

Other Corporate Collection Management Solutions

To find out more, please call the Cash Management Services Hotline +852 3988 1288.