Dividend Payment Service

BOCHK Dividend Payment Service helps locally incorporated companies and those incorporated in Mainland China (H-share issuers) to pay dividends with convenience and security for sustainable relationship with investors and good corporate image and reputation. Corporates can choose dividend channels and set the value date and designated amount of dividend payment with flexibility and efficiency.


Flexible dividend payment channels

  • Corporates can choose to pay dividends by Autopay or cheques depended on actual needs

Secure and Efficient Processing

  • Dividends paid via Autopay can be credited on the value date to any designated accounts of BOCHK group or other local banks.

Support multi-currencies

  • Support dividend payments in HKD or RMB to meet your diverse needs of business.

Other Corporate Payment Management Solutions

For more details, please call the Cash Management Services Hotline +852 3988 1288.