Customer Service

Card Activation

  • You can through BOCHK webpage, WeChat, internet banking service and card activation hotline to activate your card in a secure and easy way.

Cancelled Fees Schedules

CYB Credit Card Conversion Notice

User Agreements, Terms and Conditions

BOC Credit Card/BOC Co-branded Card  (“BOC Credit Card”)


Credit Card Agreement (in which BOCHK is added as a contractual party to the agreement)



Credit Card User Agreement, Terms and Conditions*


* Not applicable to cardholders bound by the “Credit Card Agreement”


BOC Commercial Card





Enquiry Hotlines

  • General Enquiry
24-hour Customer Services Hotline : (852) 2853 8828    
24-hour Promotion Hotline : (852) 2108 3288
24-hour Platinum Card Customer Services Hotline : (852) 2581 5188
BOC Credit Card (Macau) Customer Services Hotline :   (853) 8988 9933     


  • Lost Card Reporting
24-hour lost card reporting hotline in Hong Kong :           (852) 2544 2222      
If you cannot use Customer Service Hotline performing your request (i.e. report lost of credit card), you can select "Online Chat" via login page or after login.


  • Credit Card Activation
24-hour Activation Hotline :                                               (852) 2104 9222        


  • Transaction Confirmation
Designated number for sending two-way SMS :             
(852) 622649931110 or             
(852) 645063570006 


Credit Card Repayment Calculator

  • You may use the credit card repayment calculator to work out your total commitment by entering the credit card current outstanding balance and the applicable interest rate. The total repayment amount and related interest thereon will be calculated under either scenario (i) making minimum payment each month or (ii) paying off the statement balance in 36 months by a monthly fixed payment amount.

Emergency Card Replacement

  • Should your credit card be lost or stolen in Hong Kong, please immediately call (852) 2544 2222 or fax to (852) 2541 5415 (both 24-hour service) to report its loss or theft. Upon receipt of your report by us, you will not be liable for any loss incurred due to its fraudulent usage.


  • In the event that you lose your BOC Credit Card overseas, you can report the loss to any local bank displaying the Visa or the MasterCard logo and apply for a replacement card or do so by calling the international emergency assistance or lost card reporting hotline (COLLECT CALL). This service is free of charge.     (From 21 May 2022, the Emergency Card Replacement Service of Mastercard will be terminated.)


Worldwide Emergency Card Replacement Service for Lost Card

VISA Global Customer Assistant Service Hotline:      1-303-967-1090   
MasterCard Global ServiceTM Emergency Number:  1-636-722-7111 


  • You may enquire instantly the latest transaction activities and can also access monthly e-statements up to the latest 7 years (issued from Oct 2018 onwards) in a convenient and environmental friendly way. To do so, please log in our Internet Banking Services / Credit Card Online Services.

BOC Credit Card Self-service Guideline

  • To let you handle credit card services more efficiently, you may activate your credit card, apply annual fee waiver, check balance/transaction record, redeem gift point, block/unblock credit card & set up credit card monthly online and card-not-present spending limit etc., through Online/Mobile Banking, BoC Pay & IVRs.
  • Click here for the BOC Credit Card Self-service Guideline

24-hour Customer Service Hotline Operations Guide

  • To better serve you with secure diversified services - if you are currently using the Phone Banking Service1 of Bank of China (Hong Kong), your Phone Banking Password can be used to operate the BOC Credit Card 24-hour Customer Services Hotline.
  • When you call BOC Credit Card 24-hour Customer Services Hotline, you can simply enter your BOC Credit Card number followed by your Phone Banking Password issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong) and you can enjoy more convenient and faster credit card enquiries and service assistance.
  • Even without a Phone Banking Password, you can still operate the Credit Card 24-hour Customer Services Hotline Interactive Voice Response System by following the original hotline call flow for enquiries or service assistance. Please refer to the Services Hotline Operations Guide below for more details and click here for the related terms and conditions.
  • Remarks1: Phone Banking Service is only available to bank account holders of Bank of China (Hong Kong). Please visit our branch direct for the account opening and the instant application for Phone Banking Service and instant issuance of a Phone Banking Password. Please contact any branch of Bank of China (Hong Kong) for the reissuance of a Phone Banking Password should you forget the original one. 
  • click here for the new Credit Card Services Hotline Operations Guide.