Exclusive Privileges for Talent Schemes

BOCHK offers exclusive privileges to help you achieve your ambitions and explore new possibilities! click here for details

  • Exclusive Wealth Management priority counter services and a series of banking privileges.  click here for details
  • Payroll welcome rewards and exclusive product rewards.  click here for details
  • One Securities Account helps you to seize investment opportunities in the three stocks markets.  click here for details


*Talent Schemes: Talents holding a valid visa under one of the following three categories:

(i) Top Talent Pass Scheme(TTPS) (ii) Quality Migrant Admission Scheme(QMAS) (iii) Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP).

Services for Employees at Selected Chinese Enterprises

Facilitating the Chinese Enterprises to expand abroad by offering integrated financial services for their employees.

  • Comprehensive and exclusive offers including payroll rebate reward, preferential interest rate for deposit, foreign exchange reward and securities brokerage fee offer.  click here for details.
  • RMB Cross border Salary Direct Remittance facilitates the Mainland Chinese who are working in Hong Kong to remit their salary back to the account of Bank of China Limited (“BOC”) in the Mainland of China.
  • BOC Express Cash Instalment Loan provides dedicated loan plans to help you to get extra cash to enjoy your life in Hong Kong. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of payment and other exclusive offers.  click here for details.

The above offers are only applicable to the employees of selected Chinese Enterprises who working in Hong Kong. BOCHK reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the above products, services and offers and to amend the relevant terms at any time at their sole discretion.

Services for Students Studying in Hong Kong

Integrated services and one-stop cross border financial solution for students studying in Hong Kong.

  • Enjoy your university life 

Integrated financial services to manage your financial needs easily.  click here for details


Featured Payroll and Loan Services

Offering a wide range of cross-border banking services to satisfy your financial needs in Hong Kong

The above products, services and offers are subject to terms and conditions.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay! 

Investment and foreign exchange involve risks.