Carefree Retirement Life

Spend time with people you care and do what you like after retirement! i-Free Banking provides you convenient banking service channels and retirement solution which allows you to enjoy more which you deserve!

Reverse Mortgage Programme for Greater Flexibility

Reverse Mortgage Programme enables customer to pledge self-occupied residential property in Hong Kong to borrow from a bank. Customer will receive monthly payouts over a chosen payment term and live in the property for the rest of the life.

BOC Fast Cash Card and Finger Vein Authentication for Easy Cash Withdrawal

Sick of queuing up for long for banking services in early morning? Apply BOC Card and you can withdraw cash or change password easily through BOCHK and JETCO ATMs network.


If you apply BOC Fast Cash Card, each usage steps will be clearly displayed on the ATM screen with user-friendly graphics and Chinese instructions for customers' convenience. During withdrawal, the account balance will be shown on the screen, and preset withdrawal amounts are available for customers to choose from.


Register Finger Vein Authentication so that you don't need to sign or remember your password while withdrawing money at ATM!

Learn to Use Electronic Service Channels    Bank at Your Fingertips

You can understand your account status, check monthly statement and conduct transactions via Internet Banking/Mobile Banking which is convenient and allows you to receive notifications timely; life is now in an easier way. Experience e-Life now!

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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