BOC Card

Proudly Presents the Chip-based Dual Currency BOC Card

The newly launched chip-based Dual Currency UnionPay BOC Card ("BOC Card") offers you greater security on cash withdrawal and payment services, together with our extensive ATM network, enabling you to enjoy convenient cross-border financial services.

Dual Currency Settlement Allows Savings on Currency Conversion Costs

For cash withdrawal and spending transactions conducted through the 《UnionPay》 network, the transactions conducted in Hong Kong and overseas will be settled in Hong Kong Dollar whereas those transactions conducted in the Mainland will be settled in RMB1, saving your currency conversion cost.

Convenient Overseas Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawal transactions through 《UnionPay》network can be conducted in the Mainland and overseas, the handling fee can be enquiry at “General Banking Service Charges”.

Shopping Convenience with UnionPay Worldwide Offers

You can enjoy the spending spree and make purchase by directly debiting from your primary bank account at merchant outlets marked with 《EPS》 logo in Hong Kong, and over 16,000,000 merchant outlets marked with 《UnionPay》logo around the world.

You can tap your BOC Card (with“UnionPay QuickPass”logo) at the sales point with “UnionPay QuickPass”logo in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong, and then enter your PIN to complete the payment instantly, without card insertion.


Extensive ATM Networks

You can enjoy convenient cash withdrawal services2,3 in Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macau via over 3,000 ATMs marked with  《BOC》 or 《JETCO》 and over 1,700,000 ATMs worldwide marked with《UnionPay》.

The overseas ATM daily withdrawal limit of a BOC Card is preset at ‘zero’4 HKD for better ATM security reasons. You must therefore activate the ATM cash withdrawal function in advance and before you leave Hong Kong by setting the daily withdrawal limit and the validity period through the relevant designated channels to enable you to enjoy cash withdrawal service outside Hong Kong. Designated channels are:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • The BOCHK Group ATMs
  • 24-hour Customer Service Hotline +852 2691 2323

For details, please visit the website of Note of Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawals Limit Setting


Extra Convenience through Auto-transfer among Accounts

You can enjoy greater flexibility by activating your "Auto-transfer Service" among accounts linked to your BOC Card. Whenever you withdraw cash or spend with your BOC Card through the 《UnionPay》network, the transaction amount will be directly debited from your other account linked to your BOC Card if the outstanding balance of your transaction account is not sufficient.

Comprehensive Banking Service for Greater Financial Convenience

  • You can enjoy unparalleled convenience at Cheque Deposit Machine5 and HKD / RMB Cash Deposit Machine6 marked with  《BOC》anytime.
  • You can pay bills via ATMs marked with  《 Jet Payment》logo, or by registering for the payment service at the terminals displaying  《PPS》logo.


  1. Both HKD and RMB accounts are required to be linked to your BOC Card for Dual Currency Settlement. Account selection is not available at some ATMs and point-of-sale. If there are only RMB or HKD accounts linked to your BOC Card and Auto-transfer Service is not activated, the 1st account in the card will automatically become your settlement account.
  2. The minimum cash withdrawal amount is HK$300 for ATM of JETCO.
  3. Customers who withdraw cash by using BOC Card via ATM network other than those of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and JETCO in Hong Kong or via ATM network through JETCO or UnionPay outside Hong Kong, will be subject to handling fee and the terms and conditions stipulated by the relevant banks and network provider(s).
  4. Activation is not required for cash withdrawal transactions performed at some ATMs marked with "JETCO" Logo in Macau.
  5. The amount of the deposited cheque(s) (including cheque, gift cheque and cashier’s order denominated in HKD) will be only available upon completion of verification and clearing process.
  6. The daily maximum cash deposit amount are HK$100,000 and RMB20,000 respectively.


Risk Disclosure

  1. RMB investments are subject to exchange rate fluctuations which may provide both opportunities and risks. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of RMB may result in losses in the event that the customer converts RMB into HKD or other foreign currencies.
  2. RMB is currently not fully freely convertible.  Individual customers can be offered CNH rate to conduct conversion of RMB through bank accounts and may occasionally not be able to do so fully or immediately, for which it is subject to the RMB position of the banks and their commercial decisions at that moment. Customers should consider and understand the possible impact on their liquidity of RMB funds in advance.