Greater Bay Area Account Opening Service

Enjoy GBA Account Opening Service with HK Mobile Number

Embrace a series of new advantages

BOCHK's GBA Account Opening Service allows you to open a mainland BOC account without leaving Hong Kong. What's more, you can also enjoy a series of GBA wealth management services and cross border e-wallet, BoC Pay, for travelling at ease.

Cross-Border Account Opening for Peace of Mind

Apply with#
  • (1) Hong Kong permanent identity card and
  • (2) Home Visit Permit
You can link your mainland account with mainstream e-payment applications in the mainland to fulfil your payment needs when travelling in the mainland.
Type II accounts opened in Hong Kong through the attestation service Maximum
daily limit
annual limit

From 1 Jan to 31 Dec
Transfer in and deposit RMB
RMB200,000 for fund inflow and fund outflow each
Spending, bill payment, transfer out, cash withdrawal
Daily ATM cash withdrawal RMB
In addition, the transaction limits for Type III accounts are lower, ensuring greater protection.

3 Easy Steps

Apply with required documents at any BOCHK Branch.
After receiving the successful account opening notification within a few working days, you can activate your mainland account at designated BOCHK branch.
With your mainland account opened, you can transfer RMB from Hong Kong to your mainland account by conducting remittance via BOCHK's mobile banking, internet banking and branches.

Smart Payment Smart Living

By linking with mainstream mobile electronic payment applications in the mainland, you can enjoy dining, shopping, taking transportation and more in the mainland hassle-free.
By linking with the WeChat official account of Bank of China, your account details can be viewed conveniently and securely.

#The Applicant must be 18 years of age or above and is a BOCHK personal banking account holder. The applicant needs to provide a self-owned Hong Kong or mainland China mobile number, otherwise linking with mobile electronic payment applications on the mainland may be affected. Mainland account services are provided by BOC and BOC relevant T&Cs apply.

Gerenal Terms:

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