Greater Bay Area Payment
A diversified choice of payment tools to meet different payment
needs of customers in the Greater Bay Area
A comprehensive youth service card that provides support in the Greater Bay Area and living convenience
GBA Youth Card
  • Free worldwide accidental protection; Emergency youth support and other services by calling the Guangdong 12355 Youth Integrated Services Hotline
  • Participate in the Foundation's various activities for free; 30% off YO PLACE facilities rental in Hong Kong
  • Conveniently pay fares on the Guangzhou/Shenzhen Metro and designated Shenzhen taxis with the GBA Youth Card
  • 5% Cash Rebate on spending in Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland; Exclusive CMHK and Sinopec HK offers
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    Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
    Terms and Conditions Apply.
    "Pay as You Go"
    BOC Dual Currency Card
  • It takes you voyage on a trip around the Greater Bay Area and brings you up to 4% Cash rebate with spending via BoC Pay and other mobile payment transactions.
  • Ease of convenience for Public Transportation payments say swiping the card to take the Guangzhou Metro, Shenzhen Metro, designated Shenzhen Taxi and Guangzhou-Shenzhen China Railway Highspeed Rail
  • You can bind the card with BoC Pay to enjoy QR code payment at ease; and also pay with Points at BoC Pay merchants and merchants accepting UnionPay QR code to offset spending with every dollar!
  • Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
    Terms and Conditions Apply.
    Pay without boundaries
    Pay with our BoC Pay, a cross-border payment e-wallet
    BoC Pay is a one-stop cross-border payment e-wallet which customers can simply scan the UnionPay QR code to make payments in the Greater Bay Area conveniently without opening a bank account in the mainland.
    For RMB exchange
    Open a “Multi-Currency Savings Account”
    The “Multi-Currency Savings Account” enables you to manage RMB and a variety of foreign currencies at the same time, you may also withdraw RMB notes through our extensive ATM network for travelling conveniently.

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