"Cash Before Card" Service

For the "BOC Credit Card Key Facts Statement", please click here.

"Cash Before Card" Service lets you turn your available credit limit into cash and enjoy up to 56 days interest free repayment period^! Furthermore, every dollar you advance, you earn 1 gift point!



Electronic application channels are not applicable to BOC Commercial Card (except BOC Elite Platinum Commercial Card).

^If full payment of the outstanding Current Balance as posted on the monthly statement is received by the Company on or before the Due Date, no interest shall be payable by the customer, otherwise interests, finance charge and other fees, if applicable, shall be charged pursuant to the Agreement.

Terms and Conditions:

The above “Cash Before Card” plan is subject to the relevant Terms and Conditions, please click here for details.


Application Channels:

Apply via this website
Apply via Internet Banking
Mobile App
Application Hotline
2929 2228


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Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!