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Consumption & Jetso


Boc Pay

·       BoC Pay is a one-stop local and cross-border payment mobile application which enables customers to make payments in the Greater Bay Area seamlessly, without the need of opening a bank account on the mainland. Together with the fund transfer service, you can make free and instant interbank transfers anytime.


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Credit Card

BOC Taobao World Mastercard

·       Perpetual annual fee waiver for main and additional cards

·       Enjoy unlimited 0% handling fee for spending at Taobao

·       0% handling fee for overseas spending

·       Participate in Taobao annual large-scale sales promotion and Taobao promotion activities with discount offers


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BOC Dual Currency Card

·       Up to 4% Cash Rebate for Spending via Mobile Payment Transactions

·       Contactless Payment Function for the Public Transport Systems Stands You in Good Stead in Getting around the Greater Bay Area


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Savings & Investment



Faster Payment System (FPS)

·       Conduct interbank money transfers, pay bills and receive payments instantly 24 X 7 in real time

·       Through Mobile Banking or Internet Banking

·       No Handling Fee: $0 Local inter-bank transfer fee

·       Daily transfer amount up to HK$1M (Multiple Currencies: Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and Renminbi (RMB))


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Monthly Savings Plan

Provide you with 3 major financial solutions with minimum contribution amount per time as low as HK$500.


Monthly Deposits Savings Plan

·       Stable returns: lock in annual interest rates when setting up the plan

·       You can choose from a wide range of currencies, contribution period, contribution amount and contribution cycle to suit your needs

·       Your contribution will be debited automatically from your designated account by autopay on every payment date without a hassle


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Monthly Stocks Savings Plan

·       Leveraging on the advantage of "Dollar Cost Averaging" saves you the trouble of judging when to enter the market

·       Free from the short-term volatility of the stock market while balancing overall investment effectiveness

·       Earn credit card gift points by settling the contribution payment with BOC Credit Card


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Monthly Funds Savings Plan

·       Global Market: The plan includes markets outside of China, Hong Kong, and the United States, such as Europe, India, and other countries

·       Medium and long-term investment: The plan includes a basket of products, such as stocks, bonds, and hybrid funds

·       Higher Potential Returns Generated by "Dollar Cost Averaging": minimize the short-term impact of market fluctuations


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·       With one-stop securities trading service and comprehensive market information, customers can invest in HK Stocks, China A shares and US Stocks through multiple trading channels. Customers can check the transaction status and corporate actions

·       BOCHK Mobile Banking provides you with automated stock profit and loss calculation, free price alert and personalized securities information


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Foreign Exchange

·       24 Hour Foreign Exchange Platform

·       Comprehensive FX Information

·       Cover up to 16 Foreign Currencies, help you to gain potential interest returns when the market goes up

·       Foreign Currency ATM to withdraw banknote anytime


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·       Manage your financial plan anytime anywhere, analyze your portfolio and calculate your financial goals, for you to make appropriate decisions with a better understanding of your assets and wealth planning needs

·       Analyze your asset, liability, revenue, and expenses in order to provide financial gap analysis and suggestions to achieve your goals



·       BOCHK partners with over 35 renowned fund providers to offer over 900 open-end funds for your selection. We offer you a wide selection of fund, assisting you to flexibly manage your fund portfolio and to capture higher potential returns.

·       Fund subscription fee as low as 2.0%


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Home ownership



·       Home Expert Mobile Apps:

o   Upload relevant documents and submit mortgage application

o   Check your application status

o   Consolidate and save important information such as property size, contact information of the property agent and the bank’s mortgage staff

o   Preset your favourite property target price and the mobile application will alert you when the target price is met, saving time from monitoring the property valuation constantly.


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