1. What services can I enjoy with BoC Pay?

BoC Pay is a cross-border payment mobile application developed by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("we", "us" or "BOCHK") which offers the following transactions/services:

Scan to Pay:

  • Scan UnionPay / designated merchant QR codes to make payments. (For details, please refer to "Merchant List".)
  • Scan Faster Payment System ("FPS") QR codes to make payments.

Present QR Codes to Pay:

  • Generate a UnionPay QR code to be scanned by merchants for payments.


  • Transfer money to third parties by using the payee's mobile number, email address, FPS ID or account number, or by scanning the payee's FPS QR code.

Request to Pay:

  • Receive funds by using FPS QR codes generated in BoC Pay.

Set FPS to receive funds in HKD:

  • Receive funds in HKD with FPS by binding your Smart / Payment Account to your mobile number or email address.

Account Top-up and Transfer to Bank:

  • Top-up your Smart / Payment Account from your own bank accounts.
  • Transfer the remaining balances of your Smart / Payment Account back to your bound bank accounts.

Biometric Authentication:

  • Use biometric credentials specified by us for authenticating transactions.
Enjoy Offers
BoC Pay is accepted by merchants with the label shown below.
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!