How to Use

You can pay merchants which accept UnionPay or the Faster Payment System (FPS) QR code payments. You can also settle your bills by scanning FPS QR codes. In Chinese Mainland, you can pay merchants which accept UnionPay QR code payments.

You can make a free instant inter-bank transfer just by inputting mobile number / e-mail address / bank account no. / FPS ID or by scanning the FPS QR code of a payee. 

Show the merchant your payment QR code to pay.

You can also send money to friends and family on the Chinese Mainland from your Smart Account via BoC Pay. BoC Pay currently supports 7 major mainland banks and features automatic currency exchange.

  • Click “Remittance” to proceed
  • Enter Payee’s Name and UnionPay Card No.
  • Enter remit amount, select payment purpose and account
  • Confirm payment details and service charges
  • Enter payment passcode / verify via Bio authentication to confirm
  • Remittance Success
  • Click "Transit Code” at homepage/ menu/ QR Pay
  • Generate "Transit Code”
  • Show the QR Code to public transport scanning devices and complete payment
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
SVF License Number: SVFB072