6. Why did I receive push notifications from BoC Pay?

All customers who have chosen to receive BoC Pay notifications in their mobile settings will receive push notifications from us. We hope to deliver the latest news of BoC Pay to you via push notifications, such as new-function introductions, tutorials, new app releases, transaction notifications, service maintenance and more. If you turned on "Promotion Push Notification" via "Settings" in BoC Pay, you will receive our (direct marketing) messages for more information from BoC Pay, such as our latest offers, promotions and more.

If you do not wish to receive push notifications from us, you can turn off the notification settings by following these steps:

iOS users: Go to mobile settings (Select "Settings" > "Notifications") and turn off "Allow Notifications" for the BoC Pay app.

Android users: Go to mobile settings (Select "Settings" > "Applications" or "Notifications") (steps may differ for different phone models) and turn off notification settings for the BoC Pay app.

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