1. How do I transfer funds via "Transfer"?
  1. Select the "Transfer" tab at the bottom (or enter via the Menu).
  2. Select a friend from your Contacts as the payee to transfer via BoC Pay or FPS. If the friend is not in your Contacts, you can directly input his or her mobile number / email address to transfer. In addition, you can also choose to transfer via FPS ID or account number.
  3. You can also transfer by clicking on the payees who appear in "Recent Transfers" or in "Frequent Contacts".
  4. Fill in the amount, remarks and other required information according to the transfer method selected.
  5. Confirm the transfer information.
  6. Enter payment passcode or use biometric authentication.
  7. Transfer completed.
  8. If the payee has yet to register for BoC Pay, you can invite him / her to instantly download the App by sending a message.
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