2. How do I send a red packet?
  1. Select the "Transfer" tab at the bottom, then select "Red Packet" under "Transfer Method" (or enter via "Red Packet" in the Menu).
  2. Click "Send Red Packet". Select payee(s) from your Contacts and send red packet(s) to them via BoC Pay or FPS. If the payee(s) is / are not in your Contacts, directly input their mobile number(s) / email address(es) to send the red packet(s).
  3. Select a preset amount or input a customised amount.
  4. Select the preset greetings (or input your own greetings) and a packet design.
  5. Confirm payee information.
  6. Enter payment passcode or use biometric authentication.
  7. The red packet(s) has / have been sent. Immediately send the greetings to your loved ones.
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