1. What is a Smart Account?

A Smart Account is a bank account that provides small-value mobile payment and funds transfer services by BOCHK. BoC Pay safeguards your primary bank account and supports online account opening. With BoC Pay, you can make payments via UnionPay (local and cross-border) and FPS network, and funds transfers (both intra-bank and inter-bank), etc.

BOCHK internet banking/mobile banking customers and ATM card customers are eligible to register for a Smart Account. For details please refer to "What is BoC Pay?" > "Who is eligible to register for BoC Pay?" and "BoC Pay Terms & Conditions".

A Smart Account supports functions such as account top-up, transfer to bank, account information inquiries, funds transfers between BoC Pay users, FPS inter-bank transfers and receiving funds, and making payments with QR code in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

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